Libertarian Insider Claims That CATO Harassment Scandal Is “Harvey Weinstein On Steroids”

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The Cato Institute has been a fixture of Washington D.C. politics for many decades now. It has claimed to push libertarian and free market viewpoints, but has stood staunchly in favor of policies that have robbed America of its sovereignty and liberty such as NAFTA and open borders.

But Cato may finally be getting cut down to size if libertarian insider and veteran political blogger Robert Wenzel is correct. He wrote in Target Liberty that “a mainstream news media outlet is about to break a story on sexual harassment at the Cato Institute.”

Wenzel claims that this story will be “Harvey Weinstein on steroids for the think tank world” and these allegations will “rock the institution down to its core.”

There have been rumors about the Cato Institute for quite some time regarding sexual harassment being perpetrated its top officials. This was believed to have been put to bed after former Director Ed Crane was forced out of his position by the Koch Brothers several years back. A Breitbart News expose from 2012 (now scrubbed from the website) quoted anonymous sources in painting Crane as a bad actor.

“I think it’s pretty open knowledge inside of Cato that most attractive female professional staff members have been the target of unsolicited sexual advances by Ed Crane,” a former Cato employee said to Breitbart at the time.

“Most of the scholars at Cato are fine, decent, and sincere people. But Ed Crane’s dismissive and degrading attitude toward women can make them feel more like meat than equals,” another former CATO employee told Breitbart.

If Wenzel’s report can be believed, the sexual harassment problem at Cato goes much deeper than the alleged actions of Crane. The Cato Institute has supported political correctness in the past, and now may be hoisted on their own petard so to speak. With the #metoo hysteria still raging, the pro-globalist Cato Institute may soon be consumed by the monster that it helped to create.

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