The Libertarian Party Blew It For Converts

Oh, Libertarian Party…

You could have had me. You were this close!

I am the demographic you are trying to reach out to: disenfranchised with the Republican Party presidential nominee; a lover of liberty not of political parties; someone searching for a new place to call home that represents the ideas I hold dear to my heart.

I was optimistically hopeful. I spent my entire day tuned into the Libertarian Party convention hoping to see the legitimacy that I was yearning for.

Would this be my new place to put my trust? Behind lovers of liberty like myself who wanted to make legitimate change, wanted to be taken seriously, and wanted to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Nope. I didn’t find that while watching the Libertarian Party convention.

How can we make legitimate change and be taken seriously with the buffoonery I witnessed during the convention?

People like presidential candidate Darryl Perry losing his poise, screaming and pounding the podium, not only during the Saturday night debate but also during his concession speech.

Or James Weeks who stripped down to his underwear and socks before removing himself from the Libertarian Party chair race?

How about the poor Libertarian Party chair, Nicholas Sarwark, who I legitimately felt sorry for throughout the whole event? He struggled to maintain order during the chaotic convention.

How can the Libertarian Party say they defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when their presidential candidate doesn’t represent those values?

There is no pro-life candidate in the 2016 election. The Libertarian Party should have represented that. There is no pro-2nd amendment candidate ticket in the 2016 election. Again, the Libertarian Party should have represented that.  And if the Libertarian Party candidate doesn’t support religious freedom, then how can they support me pursuing my own happiness?

This is disappointing. I was gleefully optimistic about potentially becoming a member of the Libertarian Party. I spent a lot of time mulling it over and planned to use the convention to seal the deal for me.

Well… they definitely solidified my decision, it just isn’t the same one I initially had coming into the convention. The Libertarian Party gave a platform to several foolish people that took away from the potential influx of weary ex-GOP voters, like myself.

The passionate candidates for liberty, some who were truly inspirational, were over shadowed by chaos. This was the Libertarian Party’s shot at winning over the average American who feels that neither the GOP nor the Democrats represent them. And for conservatives like me, you just blew it.


Samantha Cosme is senior at the George Washington University studying Political Science and International Affairs. She has worked with both a Republican House and Senate office and interned for the Heritage Foundation. She hopes to work with public policy in the future with a focus on Latin America.


  1. Perhaps you should have supported the Constitution Party instead. I have never liked the so called Libertarian Party. They are not about true liberty. They are idiots mostly from the he democrat party that don’t like the democrat party anymore.

    • I’ll second that. The Constitution Party candidate, Darrell Castle, is tops.

  2. You about summed it up perfectly. I’m not going to hold my nose and vote for Johnson. I will probably vote for Const Party. The LP destroyed any chance at legitimacy this weekend. Petersen would have been a media darling and drawn in tons of new people.

  3. Good! Not attracting conservatives was sorta the goal. Many of us actively and consciously supported the weirdos so that right wingers would not be interested in joining the party. We are not the Republican party lite. We are not conservativeism 2.0. We are not here to conform to your western puritan standards of professionalism. Hell many of us arn’t even here to win an election. We are a group of radicals, punks, anarchists and crazies who want to promote liberty while having fun and being authentic.

    Please don’t try to ruin libertarianism with your respectability politics.

  4. Fortunately, conservatives, you have Trump and his Yuuuuge penis to turn to for a serious candidate this year. Those nutty libertarian candidates with their 16 years of executive government leadership experience probably both combined don’t have the amazing penis size of The Donald.

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