Libertarian Party Chairman Savaged For Virtue Signaling In Brutal Twitter Beatdown

Libertarian Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark has come under fire for his abrasive and ineffective leadership style, but he took it to a new extreme last night. After insulting Murray “Mr. Libertarian” Rothbard and then focusing his ire on libertarian heroes like Tom Woods and Bob Murphy, libertarians on Twitter decided to take the fledgling figurehead to task.

“Dishonest LP chair implies I’m white nationalist/Nazi. Sad. I only think he’s a lying idiot,” intellectual property expert Stephen Kinsella said in a Tweet.

“So [Sarwark] takes unprovoked potshots at [Tom Woods] and then tries to act like he has moral high ground,” Mises Institute social media director Tho Bishop said. “What a sad sack.”

Libertarian-turned-alt-right video blogger Stefan Molyneux even piled on by saying, “The Chair of the Libertarian National Committee is virtue-signaling against [Tom Woods] – and [the LP] wonders why they are irrelevant!”

Molyneux followed up that zinger with a viciously accurate meme depicting the many recent public humiliations the LP has experienced under Sarwark’s stewardship. From there, even run-of-the-mill libertarians couldn’t resist the fun with many proclaiming that they were leaving or had left the LP due to the arrogant, tone-deaf attitudes of failures like Sarwark.

“Wow, 2 million away from the “libertarian” dream of federal funding! [Sarwark] could then spend it on attacking even more real libertarians,” user Andkon said in a Tweet.

“The kind of pansy that pissed away the best opportunity the LP ever had by heading what became a joke party with a joke candidate,” user Kip Hooker wrote in a Tweet referring to Sarwark. “And I say that as someone that voted for Johnson.”

Sarwark and his left-libertarian allies are demanding that libertarians sign a petition against fascism in the wake of this weekend’s Charlottesville disaster, as a way to exploit the crisis for cheap political purposes. While this is clearly Sarwark’s latest scheme to enforce leftist orthodoxy upon the libertarian movement, people are no longer buying it.

After receiving the barrage of disdain from libertarians, Sarwark–in typical fashion–brushed off all the criticism. He is self-assured that thumbing libertarians in the eye and embracing leftist values are the way to go moving forward.

“Pro tip: People who have won an argument don’t need to tell everyone that they’ve “obliterated” their opponent,” Sarwark wrote in a Tweet following the smack down. Sarwark also accused his opponents of being alt-right and tacitly supporting fascism and Nazism.


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