The Libertarian Party Goes Gestapo, Supports Mass Surveillance and Federal Snitching

The worst Libertarian Party Presidential ticket in history is at it again. This time, infamous globalist gun-grabber and LP Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld is doubling-down on mass surveillance and the federal police state to supposedly solve the problems of mass shootings and radical Islam.

A Jun. 13 Washington Post article elaborates on Weld’s decisively anti-libertarian sentiments:

Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts now running as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for vice president, called today for a 1,000-agent task force to combat Islamic State adherents in the United States, and for a tip line where Muslims could inform on radicalism.

“Let’s face it: The United States is under attack right now by ISIS and ISIS copycats,” Weld said. “They have a deep pool to pull from. There are over 3 million Muslims in the United States — maybe Mr. Trump will want to deport them all, but the better approach is to work with the community.”

In short, Weld thinks that encouraging more snitching to the federal government along with empowering the Department of Homeland Security or a similar agency to expand and take more control is how to go about keeping us safe. This is the polar opposite of what Ron Paul, a true libertarian, preached throughout his valiant career. It was his consistent message of peace, freedom and prosperity that galvanized millions to fight for the cause of liberty.

Fast forward just four years later, and the liberty movement has degenerated a great deal. The LP rolled out the red carpet for Weld is to undermine the hard work of the Ron Paul revolutionaries by promoting the same old, same old under the Libertarian banner.

Contrary to the lies and the deceptions of his apologists, it is clear that Weld hasn’t made any kind of act of contrition for his statism. He didn’t have a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment like Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina and other sincere converts to the cause. He is still an elitist Massachusetts liberal gun-grabbing, big-spending globalist. Weld is the great friend and confidant of Mitt Romney, the Iraq War and Patriot Act supporter who endorsed Bush, Obama, and John Kasich for President before washing out to the sad, sorry LP.

The new Libertarianism of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is pandering, half-hearted, wishy-washy and uninspiring. Pictured in the WaPo article, Weld is wearing a rainbow tie to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. This empty, meaningless platitude is supposed to be impressive, in lieu of solid libertarian ideas. It is a fantastic example of the type of ‘social liberalism’ that is meant to replace truth, integrity, sound economics, and bedrock principles. This new era of Libertarianism that is being ushered in by these two GOP has-beens is nothing short of an abomination.

It is no surprise why staunch leftists like Stephen Colbert and Lawrence O’Donnell are so quick to embrace Johnson and Weld. It is no surprise that they are getting press coverage that Ron Paul never received. It’s apart of a national attempt to bury of the cause of liberty, and it’s being done to satisfy Johnson’s delusions of grandeur. This spineless, attention-starved egomaniac doesn’t belong anywhere near the big stage, and had to bring in a consummate insider low-life onto his ticket to do the heavy lifting. It is tragic on so many different levels.

At a time when the public hates standard politicians more than ever before, the Libertarian Party puts up a Vice Presidential candidate that is a stereotype of just the politician that Americans are fighting mad toward at record levels. This strategic blunder may be unparalleled in its clueless, tone-deaf stupidity. The Libertarian Party has really proven all of its critics to be correct. The LP is, without a shadow of a doubt, a feckless bozo operation worthy of derision, contempt and scorn. The LPers are falling over themselves in an attempt to sell out right now, but nobody is buying.

After this ticket inevitably crashes and burns, it is time for liberty activists to get serious about policing our ranks. We have let a bunch of desperate backstabbers tarnish our good name, and that cannot be tolerated. In the mean time, every principled liberty-minded activist must vehemently oppose the Johnson/Weld ticket. Let these bums go down in a ball of flames. Let them be an example for what happens to carpetbaggers when they try to make fools of us all. From there, a legitimate liberty movement can be built where this type of garbage no longer flies.


  1. Super depressing. The Libertarian Party has a lot of nerve to call themselves that.

  2. Is the party the problem or libertarian that dont want to run or vote. I don’t like weld or Johnson but they really had no competition.

    • I sincerely disagree Sir. Austin Peterson ran philosophical circles around the dim witted Johnson but the LP majority decided we needed two GOP Governors instead of an unknown variable.

      • Austin “CIA” Peterson? I wonder why Judge N no longer associates with him lol

    • Eventually most libertarians come to the conclusion that the government is fundamentally designed not to change and it is grater than the sum of it’s parts.
      But don’t worry, we can still get what we want without voting.

  3. Agree completely with the article. The Libertarian party is going the way liberal parties in Europe went a couple of decades ago. (Note: “libertarian” in U.S. = “liberal” everywhere else. The Left hijacked the word in the U.S.)

    “Let’s stand for freedom!”
    “But then we’d have to oppose the Left’s policies, that’s too scary. Let’s declare that freedom is to cheer their entire anti-cultural agenda, but with lower taxes.”

    When you support the Left’s vision of what society should be, and you manage to convince a new generation of followers, then they’ll say that it’s not enough to just give the vision a thumbs up. Clearly mass immigration, homosexuality, feminism, “tearing down the family”, demolishing beautiful old buildings to replace them with new ones, replacing real art with freak shows, is very important, right? Because traditional life is the enemy. So then we’ll need government control, government punishment, government propaganda drives in the schools and through tax-funded organizations, to make the new vision a reality. In the name of freedom.

    But as long as you claim you want the taxes to be a little bit lower than the Left wants it’s all good.

  4. There’s not much libertarian about the Libertarian Party it seems. No thanks.

  5. I think at this point, the libertarian party needs to dissolve. Right now, by keeping it alive, they are just allowing warmed-over republicans to run spoiler campaigns. That was never the intent of the party. Keeping local parties alive is fruitless. Dissolve the LP.

    Principled libertarians of course, do not vote. It only encourages them.

    • Nonsense! The facts are that people who actually SUPPORT THE GOP do not vote LP, any more than those who support the DNC do…
      The LP platform is NOTHING like that of the GOP…

      • Apparantly, the LP Platform is irrelevant. If the platform was the standard-bearer for what a good libertarian candidate should be, you would never get a Gary Johnson, or Bob Barr,,,

  6. The REAL reason that Colbert and O’Donnell are quick to embrace Johnson and Weld is because they are hoping the Libertarian Party can split the conservative vote JUST ENOUGH to give Hillary the edge and beat Donald Trump (but not enough for the Libertarians to win of course.)

    I’ve been a libertarian for many years, fought against the drug war, gave money to Ron Paul’s campaign, etc – but this year, I’m voting for the Donald. Not because he’s a libertarian (he isn’t) but because he’s promised to CLOSE THE BORDERS which, in this libertarian’s mind, is the single, biggest step towards liberty we can take. If Hillary gets elected, she will open the borders for 20 million more poor people from South and Central America, put them immediately on welfare and they will be Democrats for life. Keep the borders open and any hope of a libertarian / limited government in America will vanish forever.

    • How does a wall on the border fit into the NAP that is the foundation of true libertarian ideas?

    • Immigration control leads to LESS liberty and MORE government control, more government taxes, more armed government agents and a wall to keep YOU from leaving this country-wide FEMA camp. It is an absurd “tactic” for anyone who’s alleged goal is liberty.

      If welfare is a problem, abolish government welfare rather than expand government into immigration control!

      If drugs are a problem, abolish the government drug war rather than expand government into immigration control!

      If refugees are a problem, stop the government from bombing the shit out their countries rather than expand government into immigration control!

      Can you see the recommended, libertarian, NAP pattern for action?

    • “they are hoping the Libertarian Party can split the conservative vote
      JUST ENOUGH to give Hillary the edge and beat Donald Trump (but not
      enough for the Libertarians to win of course.)?

      What makes you think that anybody who supports Johnson/Weld would EVER have voted for Trump? More likely people who agree with the liberal social values will be the ones who capitulate and leave their parties…

  7. I would be interested to know how Ron Paul would handle the internal threat of Islamic terrorism. Liberty and freedom are noble pursuits but terrorists aren’t interested in promoting these ideals.

    • For one, he would pull the army out of the middle east and disband them. That alone would end much of this. Most of the “terrorism” is committed by the CIA and FBI anyways so removal of those two organizations, which Dr. Paul would also do, would reduce much of the “terrorism.” You should read his books sometime and learn about the NAP. He also does his “Liberty Report” every day. You don’t really need to guess what Ron would say unless you are willfully staying ignorant.

      • if he believes that terrorist attacks within our borders are a conspiracy of our intelligence agencies to advance a greater plan, he’s never expressed that. I seriously doubt he would propose eliminating our intelligence agencies. Removing our presence in the ME is not going to placate extremists already here. They’re committed to a virulent Islamic ideology.

        • Well, you should probably look into what he believe since it is readily avaliable and stop just writing what you “think.” You are willfully ignorant, aren’t you?

          • Ron Paul would advocate removing soft targets for terrorists by removing laws that impede citizens to properly defend themselves. So, your response wasn’t even close.

          • Oh yes, Ron Paul would remove the gun laws that is no doubt, but the other comments still stand. You should read his books and watch his liberty report. Right now, you are just proving your willful ignorance. It isn’t like Ron hides his ideas, but it is obvious that you hide from reading.

          • How do you hid something from a conservatard posing as a libertarian? Hide it in a book.

  8. The “libertarian” tent has gotten awfully large. That is why I perfer “anarchocapitalist.” These losers won’t even think about stealing that name.

  9. Another opportunist preying on the ignorance of the majority of the voters and those who claim to be liberty loving libertarians, but who are not cognizant of all that libertarianism entails, these particular candidates should be publicly exposed for the frauds that they are……

  10. Johnson and Weld are flaming authoritarians attempting to pass themselves off as libertarians.

    I suppose bona fide libertarians should be flattered. After all, it amounts to an admission that libertarianism holds the moral high ground, and the libertarian label is a badge of honor.

    On the other hand, these posturing ass clowns are besmirching the good name of libertarianism.

    NB: I’m using the term libertarian to denote “someone who is pro-liberty”. I am not using it as a synonym for minarchist.

  11. Perhaps it should be renamed the Lie Buried Terrainian Party? Keep their bunk in a bunker so no one can vote for it. I keep kicking myself since I wrote a premature letter to the editor of a couple local newspapers supporting these erstwhile LP candidates, before watching the debate when I cringed every time Gary Johnson opened his mouth. Maybe all that construction work has reduced his sanity from the noise? Or maybe it’s the Weld-ing. Oh well, it just reinforces the fact that self-government is really the only government that works. Use it or lose it!!

  12. your aggressive language of using moral evaluative judgement static labels shows you have moralism issues.

    so not to argue issue fails
    we live in a spied on technological society now. will we get more transparency and a chance in the future to make a shift , yes.

    remember if you use the word ‘to be/are’ you or the commenters who stick to name calling say more of thyselves.

    when you decide to move away from authoritarian lanauge, and them too. i will enjoy that for my needs for choice.

  13. Bill Weld and Gary Johnson have no become arch-enemies of everything that is supposed to be everything Libertarian.

  14. Bring in the riffraff and create a department to fight them. Problem/solution. The same old playbook.

    Looks like, as I suspected a few years ago, this party has been co-opted by the Fascists.

  15. So everyone is complaining. What’s the solution then? I see nothing tangible in the comments. Quit complaining and make some REAL suggestions as to what to do! Or go crawl back into your safe place and whine some more.

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