The Liberty Conservative endorses Ralph Norman in SC-5 special election


The Liberty Conservative has announced that it is endorsing State Representative Ralph Norman in Tuesday’s primary runoff for the South Carolina 5th district special election.

This special election was created by the appointment of Mick Mulvaney, a friend of The Liberty Conservative, as U.S. Budget Director. As a result, we are determined to see that the person who succeeds Mulvaney in Congress shares his profound commitment to individual liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility.

The Liberty Conservative’s endorsement follows Norman receiving strong backing from prominent national conservatives, including Sen. Ted Cruz, former Sen. Jim DeMint, Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows, FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth. Norman has stated he will join the Freedom Caucus if elected to Congress.

Norman is one of only three members of the South Carolina House of Representatives to receive an A grade from the South Carolina Club for Growth, suggesting a fiscally conservative voting record. This represents a stark contrast to the record of his primary opponent, Tommy Pope, who received an F grade on the same scorecard. Pope also received a C grade on the National Association for Gun Rights scorecard, indicating a poor record on Second Amendment issues, while Norman received not only an A grade, but the organization’s endorsement. These scores suggest that Norman is exactly the type of principled constitutional conservative that SC-5 needs.

The district has an R+9 PVI score, making it very likely that Norman will go on to beat his Democratic opponent on June 20, providing he is able to succeed in Tuesday’s primary.

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