The Liberty Conservative Endorses Rebekah Bydlak For Congress

The Liberty Conservative has made many congressional endorsements in the past, though this year we have been saddened at the seemingly low number of true liberty candidates putting themselves out there for congressional runs. Between this and the struggles of the presidential cycle it has been an easy time to feel negatively about the trajectory of the liberty movement. Thankfully, the surprising campaign of Rebekah Bydlak has emerged as a genuine chance to advance our movement through these rough times. At the beginning of this cycle I had regarded this candidate as a long shot, a happy warrior who was going to spread the message but not much more. I could not have possibly been more wrong. Rebekah has raised an impressive amount of money, garnered very impressive endorsements from both inside and outside the liberty movement and has performed very well in the debates. Rebekah has managed to attract the sort of national media attention that most of our candidates have lacked, and her rapidly increasing profile has become perfectly clear due to these combined factors. By every objective measure Rebekah has a very strong campaign with a great chance to win both her August 30th primary and in November.

For these reasons, and several others, The Liberty Conservative is proud to endorse Rebekah Bydlak in her race for Florida’s 1st congressional district. Winning this race would improve the trajectory of the liberty movement, both in terms of our perception nationally and our ability to promote a candidate like Rebekah who has the potential to be a movement standard bearer in the future. Winning this race would create momentum for our movement going forward that would reverberate to other campaigns and energize activists across the country. That being said, Rebekah still needs our help to win this race. If there was one candidate in the entire country I would suggest we all donate money to right now it would be her, and I donated for the second time in this race yesterday as a show of support. Now is the time to go “all in” on finding a candidate to actually expand our power in Congress, and for 2016 Rebekah is the best candidate in that mold.

You can read more about her extensive background in the liberty movement in our “rising stars” profile of her as well as this excellent Jack Hunter piece. As you will clearly see, Rebekah has been fighting for liberty since she was a teenager. It is rare that we have candidates who have their political roots in the liberty movement, have the organization to win and have a message and branding which is appealing, and when that opportunity presents itself we cannot let it slip away. I hope all of my friends who care about liberty will decide to help push Rebekah’s campaign over the top in the coming days.

Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.

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