The Mainstream Media Bought its Own Lies and Cost Clinton the Election

As we all know, after the media broke the story of Donald Trump’s statements about how he treated beautiful women, Hillary Clinton started taking her victory lap. It was so obvious that even Saturday Night Live did a skit on the Clinton victory lap.

Hillary Clinton was not the only one who claimed victory before it was earned. The Mainstream Media also removed its foot from the pedal after the third debate. During the first part of October, the media was running non-stop stories about Donald Trump’s treatment of women. These stories were not designed to cause democrats to support Clinton, they were designed to discourage Republicans from showing up to vote. These stories were pure voter suppression.

One of Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters was the Mainstream Media. The Mainstream Media did everything that it could to bolster Clinton and remove the various impediments to her presidency. Remember how quickly the stories about Clinton’s health died away? Remember the story of how the Media helped Clinton by giving her access to the questions prior to the debate?

It is not a surprise to anyone who follows politics that the Mainstream Media is biased. The thing is, all media is biased. Even I am biased, it is just that my biases tend towards liberty, not towards corruption, power, and massive redistribution of wealth.

After the third debate, the Mainstream Media decided to stop covering Trump’s treatment of women. It appears to me that they felt Clinton had won all three debates, she had an insurmountable lead in the polls, and they did not need to run their voter suppression stories any longer. The biased Mainstream media did a huge disservice to Hillary Clinton.

Because the Mainstream Media stopped their voter suppression tactics, it gave Donald Trump three weeks of turning out his base. Because the Mainstream Media stopped covering the sex stories, Trump’s message was heard more clearly by the masses. Because the Mainstream Media refocused their coverage of the campaign, Trump began to look more presidential.

Over 2,500 years ago Aesop told the famous story of the Tortoise and the Hare. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the hare and Donald Trump the tortoise. Clinton had the donor base, she had the political infrastructure, she had a compelling narrative (first woman president), and she had the political resume.

When Donald Trump announced that he was running for the Presidency, he did not have a political resume, he did not have a huge donor database, and his starting polling numbers were around 5% for Republicans.

Both the hare and the tortoise knew where the finish line was but while Clinton took a nap four weeks out from the election, Trump slowly marched forward. Trump’s steps were slow, but he was deliberate. He had a message to the blue collar workers in the rust belt. This message was not understood by the Mainstream Media who received an Ivy League education and who did not understand the real life problems of those who live in fly-over-country.

However, even though the hare had decided to take a nap while being carried on her plush sedan chair by the Mainstream Media, she still could have won had the Mainstream Media not set down the chair and started slapping themselves on the back for the good job they had done in sabotaging the Republican Party and the Trump Campaign.

The lesson to be learned is not that the Mainstream Media failed Hillary Clinton or that they are biased. The lesson that needs to be learned is that until conservatives can find a way to fairly ensure that our message is heard by the masses, we will be severely handicapped in every race that we run. It did not matter if the Republican Party ran Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, or Jeb Bush, the Mainstream Media was going to attempt to carry Hillary Clinton to victory.

Conservatives may have a huge presence in talk radio and they may have a decent foothold on the blogs. However, when it comes to the Mainstream Media, the conservative message is not as easily ascertained. The progressive message can be heard on all the major networks, most of the cable programs, and most of the major newspapers. If the rich, conservative donors want to have a major impact on future Presidential races, they can do so now by using their money to purchase media outlets and then use that power to hire conservatives into key positions.

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