Media Matters: Leading the War on Free Speech

Continuing a campaign against “hate speech”, the White House propaganda arm known as Media Matters has pushed CNN to cut ties with Donald Trump ally and former adviser Roger Stone following comments Stone made on Twitter regarding CNN political analyst Ana Navarro.

Stone, who was labeled a “dirty trickster”, “racist” and “sexist” by Media Matters, was a regular guest on CNN until being cut from the network earlier this week.

“He will no longer appear as a guest on CNN” a spokesperson told POLITICO.

Stone responded to his comments about Navarro in an e-mail statement. “I am an unapologetic critic of Ana Navarro because I question her qualifications to opine on any political topic- she is a ‘Republican strategist’ who has never actually worked on any campaign beyond an honorific title…”

Stone continued, “I am politically incorrect but it appears CNN is bowing to pressure from the Clinton apparatus – not very appropriate for an supposedly unbiased news network.”

While it is reasonable to suggest some of Stone’s comments were distasteful, it is not surprising that a White House mouth piece like Media Matters would use such comments to get someone they oppose politically kicked off a supposedly unbiased news network.

David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, is a well-known Democratic Party operative. More recently, he founded and served on the board of two Democratic-supporting Super PACs, one of which gathered support for Hillary Clinton prior to her campaign kick-off announcement.

Media Matters has a well documented history of close ties with the Obama White House. In February 2012, The Daily Caller published an article showing Media Matters officials were in regular contact with political operatives in the Obama administration.

“The group operates in regular coordination with the highest levels of the Obama White House, as well as with members of Congress and progressive groups around the country.”

Those close ties are a clear indicator as to why Media Matters focuses so heavily on attacking those who are deemed enemies of the White House and its allies’ phony Progressive/authoritarian agenda.

Media Matters launched an attack on investigative journalist Sharyl Attkinson following her resignation from CBS, citing the network’s liberal bias in light of her stories regarding Fast and Furious and the Obama administration’s discredited narrative following the attack in Benghazi.

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Alex Jones, the NRA, and Rush Limbaugh are just a few of Media Matters’ favorite targets.

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.

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