Meet The Uber-Rich Progressive Behind The Impeachment Commercials

The citizens of this country have been inundated by commercials speaking of reasons for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. It appears that the socialists will stop at nothing to throw the duly elected President to the side in order to further their illicit agenda. The corruption and unconstitutional maneuvers of the Obama administration are slowly being pushed back to the benefit of the American people.

One of the largest promoters of this attempt to impeach our President is Tom Steyer, a billionaire environmentalist whose own political ambitions include a possible run for the U.S. Senate in California. Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash, Steyer could not make a reasonable compelling argument for impeachment. Speaking in platitudes, accusing of President Trump “acting in a lawless way” or “violating the Constitution” because he has violated the trust of the American people through obstruction of justice by firing the head of the FBI (something the President legally can do without any reason and for any purpose).

Claiming that President Trump has taken money from foreign governments without any proof is another reason why Steyer thinks the President should be impeached. All of the accusations are based on an unverified baseless dossier put together by a firm named FUSION GPS, a company that Steyer is connected to himself.

Let’s look at the background of the man making these accusations. In 2012 Steyer hired FUSION GPS and founding partner Glenn Simpson to help pass a ballot initiative taking money from California businesses and funneling it to clean energy projects. Proposition 39 in California passed mainly because of the $90 million that Steyer gave to various PACs to push it through. Proposition 39 promised to create 11,000 clean energy jobs and promised $300 million to public schools. According to the Associated Press in 2015, there were a total of 1,700 jobs created and more than half the money promised to the public schools went to “energy consultants and auditors” instead.

Tom Steyer is an icon of the left for his opposition to fossil fuels, and at the forefront of his crusade is his hatred of coal. Of course, it fits with Steyers’ latest economic interests in solar and works to boost the value of the industries he is backing. The Steyer fortune that he now uses in an attempt to collapse the coal industry was in fact made by a company he founded called “Farralon Capital Management LLC” that Steyer used to invest in coal in the Asian and Australian markets.

Not mentioned in the North American Press is the involvement of Steyer and Farallon in the coal market. No mention is made of Steyer’s ramblings through Jakarta and Sydney and the regional financing centers of Hong Kong and Singapore that shows the direct involvement of Farallon and Steyer in coal transactions in those areas. There are some facts that are already known that have not been made public, nor has the information been made visible to a majority of the American people.

Steyer was directly instrumental in putting together a portfolio of investments unprecedented in scale which placed a majority of coal mines and coal fired plants under his control through the Farallon Group. Using the enticement  of a tax avoidance program that funneled money to low or no tax entities in the Caymans, Mauritius, and Singapore, this financing scheme conducted by Steyer was highly immoral from his point of view. When he could not raise the money required for his Super PAC, Steyer turned to Herb Sandler, a subprime mortgage lender who was instrumental in the housing collapse of the 1980s. Sandler was the originator of “Pick-A-Pay” which allowed lenders to pay less than interest payments, increasing the principal.

The transactions made through Farallon for coal in the far east and Australia are estimated to exceed $2 billion in total. The financing provided by Steyer enabled the unprecedented growth of the companies leading to one of the largest increases in thermal growth ever seen. The growth was needed to pay the high interest debt that Steyer transacted the monies needed for the expansion, Highly profitable to Mr. Steyer, the largest of the coal mines and power plant buyouts in Australia and Asia were to produce 80 percent of coal in the area, which was equivalent to about 28 percent of the amount of CO2 produced on the United States. Coupled with the fact that as early as 2000, Steyer and the Farallon Group had invested in the companies that were developing the Canadian oil sands, another bogeyman that Steyer is not fighting because he cares more about his bottom line than his lefty beliefs.

While claiming to only be interested in the public good and being a vocal opponent of the Keystone pipeline, Steyer was in all actuality a major investor with Kinder Morgan which is a company attempting to build a competitive alternative to the Keystone pipeline. What better way to make a profit than to use money to protest the competition? Steyer goes on about Trump’s “Russian connection,” but fails to mention that he too has a Russian connection. In 2008 Farallon invested in Geotech Oil Services, one of the largest oilfield services comapnay in Russia. In 2010, he sold a portion of these holdings to Gennady Timchenko, a Russian oligarch and friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the privately held investment group, The Volga Group. The U.S. State Department has identified Timchenko as a person of interests, and his activities in the energy area have been tied directly to Putin.

Steyer also has stated that he believes in unchecked illegal immigration. Coupled with his belief in crippling environmental regulations that drive up the cost of virtually every consumer product from groceries to housing, his belief that the citizens of this country do not need the mobility of having their own transportation but should take busses instead. He is happy to stifle the availability of affordable energy to the American people while profiting from it himself. And this is the man who is espousing that President Trump is a danger to the country? Steyer has commented about running for President himself at some point, indicating his delusions of grandeur. Would the death of the U.S. Republic be far behind if that scenario were to occur?


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