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By Meeting with Putin, President Trump Shows Democrats How Diplomacy is Done

It has been a disappointing week for Democratic opponents of President Trump. After following up his Twitter war against the mainstream media with a speech in Poland proclaiming the supremacy of the West, Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier today for a diplomatic visit in Germany that went swimmingly for all parties.

“President Putin and I are discussing various things, and I think it is going very well. We’ve had some very very good talks. We’re going to have a talk now, and obviously that will continue, but we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia, for the United States, and for everybody concerned. It is an honor to be with you,” Trump said during the meeting.

Speaking through a translator, Putin expressed his concern about deteriorating diplomatic relations with America. He said that although the world leaders had “several times talked over the phone, including on some very important bilateral and international issues,” that was “obviously not enough” moving forward. Putin declared the need for regular meetings in person with Trump so they can avoid strife moving forward.

A partial video of the meeting was broadcast over social media by RT News. Putin and Trump met during the G20 summit in Germany, an annual gathering of globalists, special interests, bureaucrats, corporate fatcats, and other members of the world’s elite to hash out their plans.

Many of the esteemed members of the world’s elite are not-so-secretly hoping for Russia and the United States to be at odds, but the countries are now working to mend fences. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is working to create a no-fly zone in Syria with Russia, and said recently that Assad’s fate would be left to the Russians. It looks as if Democratic Party and Deep State collusion to drive a wedge between the nations has failed, at least at the present time.


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