Milo Yiannopoulos’ Immediate Resurgance Shows Media Hitmen Are Losing Power

Just a few months ago, mainstream media commentators were doing victory laps over Milo Yiannopoulos’ fall from grace. Dropped from his post at Breitbart News and forced to apologize over controversial comments regarding pedophilia, establishment liberals and conservatives alike were breathing sighs of relief thinking that Milo finally was out of their hair.

Those establishment politicos counted their chickens before they hatched. With news breaking that Milo’s book Dangerous is being self-published and buzz around the book gaining rapidly, their hopes to ruin Milo have been effectively dashed. The b*tch is back, completely independent, more popular than ever, and with a chip on his shoulder. This media hitjob did not take.

“Read the book the globalists and the corporations are desperate for you not to read, and hear the truth about me and the social justice warriors of the Left,” Milo said in a said in a statement promoting his upcoming book.

Dangerous will be available to the public on July 4 so Milo’s fans can celebrate Independence Day in style reading their favorite provocateur tear through Islamists, feminists, social justice warriors, and other familiar targets. Even without a major publisher behind the book, it soared to #1 on the Amazon pre-sale charts almost immediately. Now Milo will likely enjoy a bigger share of the profits because the mainstream media attempted to railroad him. Talk about irony!

“The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, DANGEROUS, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere,” Milo said on his website.

After his book is released, Milo plans to head back to UC-Berkeley for a week-long showdown. ANTIFA terrorists trashed the city to stop his previous speech from happening there. Milo’s “Free Speech Week” is expected to take place in Berkeley when the 2017-2018 school year kicks off. Easily bouncing back after a tumultuous few months, it is clear that the charismatic Milo will be a formidable leader in the conservative movement for a long time to come.


  1. I think Milo is personally a homosexual, but ideologically not a homosexualist who holds that homosexuality is perfectly great. The second part is good for him.

  2. Well there’s enough simpletons that don’t understand that he’s a construct of breitbart. All he’s doing is claiming to be a gay Jewish man that dates black Muslims, thereby socially giving him license to bash all those groups. He’s out to instill self loathing and condemnation of people that are living under the circumstances he claims to be. We looked through all of his social media accounts and couldn’t find a single picture of him so much as holding hands with a man much less a black Muslim. He’s a fabricated and toxic social programmer period.

    • He’s perfectly clear about the ‘Muslim’ part being a thing of the past, he doesn’t date Muslims anymore. If you couldn’t find pictures of him with black boyfriends, that just proves your laziness; there’s enough on facebook and other platforms.

      Much more importantly, his fans are still with him, after months of ‘non-presence’ in the mainstream media. His facebook following just kept growing, even when he had ‘fallen from grace’.

      But I realize you don’t care about that – so dream on.

      • Yeah, you guys are really special people. Have you always been so rude and nasty to people who you don’t know and that have a different opinion than you do? Does it frustrate you that much? If it bothers you so much why even respond, why let someone’s comment turn your personality rancid? If it makes any difference I’m sure there are pictures of him with men now because before the election we searched his social media and we called the guy out it. We asked to see some proof of who he claimed to be. If you looked long enough I’m sure you’d find those comments posted on all his social media platforms. Listen guy I don’t know what’s got into you people but you come off like an ass so maybe ease up on the social media or at least be aware that your letting it all get to you and it doesn’t look good on this end. And as far as his social media growing, who gives a rip? That’s nice to hear he’s still liked for whatever reason, but I don’t put a lot of weight in the number of anyone’s followers, since it’s common to find that large portions of them are most likely artificial anyway. Peace, and lighten up will ya. I’m not your enemy

        • And YOU tell ME to ‘lighten up?? (SMH)

          I’m rereading my post and wondering what it was that got you triggered. Please help me out here, and that’s quite an honest question, without rancor.

          My calling you lazy? Well maybe you just expected the wrong thing. He never shows his boyfriend’s face because he wants to protect him. So you never see more than him holding a hand or with an arm around him or something – and I admit those pictures are not overly frequent. But someone actively looking for them should be able to find them; they have always been there. Maybe you were not lazy but just looked for the wrong kind of thing, in that case sorry. But compared to ‘simpleton’ (aimed at anyone who supports Milo, so aimed at me) I still think I’m the less rude here.

          Or was it my assuming you don’t care? Well, you actually agreed to that statement (‘ I don’t put a lot of weight…’)

          All in all I’m really left speechless by your accusation; please, supply me with examples of my rudeness, nastiness and rancid personality. If I come off like an ass, you certainly come off as someone projecting their own problems into other people’s quite innocent posts.

          • I must not be dialed into the definition of triggered, I feel the same as I did before I was triggered, so I must be ignorant as to its meaning in this context. So about your comment, I would characterize the entire message as having an overall nasty tone to it, certainly your not going to defend it as being friendly or complimentary in any way right? And I’m not looking for anyone to kiss my ass with their comments especially if they think I am in error with stated facts, but it is by my standards pithy and condescending when contrasted against other exchanges I’ve personally had.

            As far as how my approach was hopefully to be taken, it’s was meant to be a bit of a slap in the face, but not meant to be taken personally, and so it’s not directed at anyone. The idea being that I know I’m posting on a platform that’s going to have a much larger percentage of posts that have a favorable opinion of Milo. So I use the word simpleton to jar whoever reads it to look at the bigger picture and to sussbout the point to Milo’s mission. I mean how does a unknown conservative editor from the U.K. all the sudden start showing up at major media outlets and is booking speaking engagements across the country in our universities with no prior presence in America? Is it common for a conservative editor to have an talent agent? So how did he get on Joe Rogan and into our colleges and on HBO’s Real Time. It should make people wonder how he ended up speaking in front of them with a hard right intensely driven message rooted in all things trump, and with noxious elements critical of groups on the left, and meant to fuel self loathing within that group… like he’s been set up to infiltrate and use his message to destroy the group from within…

            Now may Milo has no conscience awareness of his act, maybe he’s just doing what he really has believed in his whole life, and is being true to himself, while showing us what he’s really all about… I don’t buy that notion though, when he’s at an engagement he’s all business, he sticks to his message. He turns every subject and question into either an attack to the left, or praise to Donald Trump, and he’s not praising the republicans or any other political figures, and he sure as hell isnt up there talking about himself. He’s not telling you stories about his past or his plans for the future. No, none of that, he doesn’t go into personal details, he’s very much on a mission. He is meant to be a tool of breitbart and it’s our sincere belief that his image and persona is a fabrication and should be viewed as the work uniform of a sorta clever *social programmer* I think there’s figures at his organization who recognize that there’s a lot of empty heads that need to be told by someone they idolize how it is they should feel about things. There’s a lot of youngsters who’ll grab hold of any idea and run with it if it’s presented correctly, and by the right person. They’ll run with ideas that if they really thought about it, they’d find it distasteful, but as it stands they take it aboard as the new thing and direction people will be heading.

            I want to highlight these characters to any person who might not realize the nature of such a person and what motivates their intent. Like you often hear people say, if I can make one person aware of this, or to at least alert them to be on the lookout for these types of situations then it’s worth it for me to do. I am immensely disappointed in the current outlook for society, and immensely dissapointed in myself for not having tried to do more to make it better. When I think of the failure my generation has become as stewards of our culture and examples for younger people to look at it crushes my spirit. I feel as though I’ve failed everybody, and I’m not nearly enough to fix it now. But I will in my own way try.

            I’m going to cut off now since I’m on full on ramble mode. I sincerely hope there’s no hard feelings, I wish you all the best. Peace.

          • No hard feelings, and Peace. I can completely go along with that. All the best for you too.

            I wondered whether to answer again concerning specific points, but decided to leave it at a very general observation:

            We just differ very much in our judgment on Milo. You’ve made your position clear, and of course you have a right to it. However you need to realize that for many of us, Milo is a fighter for our rights, for our freedom of thought and expression. We thank him for that, and are loyal to him and take slights to him personally. I will grant you that reactions to such slights tend to be emotional, because we really feel strongly about that. If that came through as ‘nasty’, I am sorry, but honestly: your original post wasn’t very kind either. Let’s call it quits.

            I just wish we could debate on a more factual level. Maybe in some other version of the universe…

          • I wanted to thank you for explaining how you view Milo and what it is he’s done that helps people out, because it’s something that I couldn’t see for myself. If he’s able to empower people with his messaging, then I need to back off the damning criticism for now. And all in all I’m better off for having talked with you. Take care and god bless.

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