Missouri Senate Candidate Austin Petersen’s “Never Trump” Hypocrisy Revealed

Austin Petersen, now running to be a U.S. Senator for the Republican Party in the state of Missouri, is attempting to reinvent himself after a failed run for the Presidency as a Libertarian Party contender last year. A recent tweet from Petersen took aim at “Never Trump” Republicans waging war against the leader of their own party.

“The #NeverTrump movement is composed generally of neocons deposed from power and aided by liberals who appreciate their efforts,” Petersen said in a tweet published Sunday.

However, Petersen’s criticism of the ‘Never Trump’ movement is incredibly disingenuous considering Petersen was once part of that movement as recently as last year. Old tweets published by Petersen that were preserved by screenshots show the amount of enmity he recently had for the President.

“Trump supporters full of conspiracy theories, ignore the most obvious one. He ran to help her get elected,” Petersen wrote in a tweet from Oct. 14, 2016. His theory was proven laughably false by the following month’s election result.

In another post, Petersen echoed liberal criticisms of Trump’s immigration policies with the same type of condescension toward the so-called deplorables who pushed Trump over the finish line to victory against Hillary Clinton last year.

“Trump’s hordes lead us on the road to serfdom because of their hatred and fear of “the other.” Their ignorance delivers us to tyranny,” Petersen wrote in a tweet also published on Oct. 14, 2016.

In other posts, Petersen referred to Trump supporters as “Trumpkins” and claimed that “Hillary Clinton’s private speeches reveal her to be less of a socialist than Donald Trump.” Since dumping the Libertarian Party for the Republican Party, Petersen has done a complete 180 and postures as a regular Trump supporting partisan.

“The Trotskyites in the GOP of course despise Trump. It makes sense why #NeverTrump conservatives preferred Hillary,” Peterson said in a tweet published yesterday, hoping for onlookers to have very short memories.

Petersen will have to hope that GOP primary voters of Missouri, who he would have called Trumpkins or a similar epithet just last year, are willing to overlook this candidate’s duplicitous history.


    • Sam, he will never stand with our President, and we had already had enough of that. I stand behind secure boards, extreme vetting, but and build USA, support our military and disarm NK and IRAN, lower taxes, and Dumping the UN, as well as fighting globalism. We have no idea where Austin is at. Surely, not with We The People who want our country back.

    • Kayla N Gideon Why should he stand with Trump? The job of Congress is to represent, and protect the rights of their constituents. Not to bend over and suck the President’s cock just because he’s in the same party.

    • Troy Bell , Sam Schwemin, and Josh Alterity, I will not vote for Petersen, period. He is immature, hates Trump and hasn’t addressed issues, period. As a matter of fact, I don’t know of anyone that will vote for him. Josh, the U.N. is a controlling joke. The US is 4.5 % of the world’s population and they want us to fund the world. That is getting old. Troy, your immature language is what I would expect in this disagreement. Good day guys.

    • Yeah, you haven’t studied AP beyond the packaging. Like I said, let everyone know when DJT evicts those guys from NYC and hauls their stupid gun sculpture out to the middle of the Atlantic, dumping it overboard to the depths.

  1. Just because you ran against trump and had some strong words for him, doesn’t make you a never trump person. He like Rand Paul accepts that he is now president and will work with him where he can and oppose him where he believes he is wrong. He doesn’t live in a make believe “not my president” world that seeks to pretend the election never happened.

  2. Wow. Liberty Conservative has gone off the deep end. Peterson has been consistent. NeoCons were the never Trumpers. Libertarians and real Conservatives also didn’t like him.

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