Morbidly Obese Transgender Official Faces Possible Fraud And Forgery Charges In Uruguay


Michelle Suárez, the blubbery transgender woman who became the first of her kind to serve elected public office in Uruguay, is under investigation for criminal wrongdoing. The LGBTQ favorite is being investigated for possibly falsifying signatures while she was serving as an attorney.

El Observador reports that Suárez allegedly falsified the signatures while she was serving a case in family court. The case took place in 2014 after a man filed a lawsuit against his ex-partner for joint custody of his daughter. During the first day of court, this man was informed that he had signed away his custody. This was done because, according to the man, Suárez had him sign papers under false pretenses.

Suárez allegedly told the man that he was signing the papers to indicate that he wanted a lawyer for the trail. Angry over being duped by Suárez, the man filed a criminal complaint against the trailblazing progressive attorney-turned government official. Calligraphers are taking samples of signatures from the interested parties for analysis right now.

Making matters worse for Suárez is the fact that the man’s attorney Rosario Sánchez stated she never was aware of the man’s case and never signed the file. This indicates that Suárez forged the documents herself, to keep this man from ever seeing his child. She denies the claim and refuses to take responsibility for any wrongdoing. If Suárez is found guilty, she will face severe criminal charges and potentially have to serve time in prison.

Suárez became the first transgender person ever elected to the Uruguayan legislature in 2014. She is also a body positivity activist, and claims that her grotesque appearance is something to celebrate. If she is eventually convicted of this corruption, this feel-good story of acceptance and progress will turn into a disaster of epic proportions for the social justice warriors.

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  1. “Official Faces Possible Fraud And Forgery Charges In Uruguay” This is all you needed. Unless you are trying to rouse up some hatred for those not like you,

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