Mulvaney Discovers 300 Billion in Unauthorized Government Spending

Ronald Reagan famously stated that “a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!”

Yesterday, Mick Mulvaney, in the White House Briefing Room announced that his team has discovered over $300 Billion per year in unauthorized government spending. Mulvaney announced that past government budgets have continued to spend money on these programs that Congress only authorized for a set period of time. With the National debt getting close to $20 Trillion, a savings of $300 Billion a year is substantial.

Assuming the best, apparently, no one in the budget department realized these programs were expired, and they kept authorizing the government to spend money on these programs. The good news is that the Office of Management and Budget is now aware of this unauthorized spending. The sad news is that the United State’s debt would not be as high as it is right now if the government bureaucrats would have taken the time to make sure certain government programs were still authorized to be in existence.

In the modern age of computers, it is rather shocking that the government has been spending close to $300 billion a year on programs that are expired. However, we cannot afford to live in the past. We the people know that this unauthorized spending has been taking place and we need to make sure that funds for these government programs are not continued in the 2018 budget.

The 2018 budget will be released to Congress today. Mulvaney will be testifying before Congress on Wednesday and the Senate on Thursday.


  1. Mick Mulvaney is a fiscal hawk. The 2017 Trump administration budget with billions of spending cuts was shot down by the RINOs. Let’s hope and pray that the 2018 Trump budget has a better reception with the Republicans. We’ll definitely know who to throw out of office next year if not.

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