Nancy Sinatra rips CNN for lying about her position on Trump using her father’s music

CNN has made a name for itself promoting fake news and being an obvious promoter of the left. While the network and others in the mainstream media have long been labeled as liberal-leaning in their bias, the preference for Hillary Clinton was painfully obvious in last year’s presidential election cycle.

Now the propaganda machine is targeting Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the late music legend Frank Sinatra.

It was announced prior to the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump that he would be using Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way.” It’s not unusual for politicians to use songs and have a musician object. While Frank Sinatra is no longer with us, his daughter is alive and active.

On Twitter, Nancy Sinatra was asked about the song use. She replied to the question “just remember the first line of the song”, which is “And now, the end is near.”

CNN picked up the tweet and ran with a story that she was unhappy about her father’s song being used.

The problem is the daughter of the late great never stated she was displeased with the usage of the song. CNN took a simple tweet, interpreted it how they wanted to perceive it, and then created a story with it. The network evidently never contacted Sinatra directly for comment or clarification.

The episode is odd because Sinatra herself is more liberal in her politics. Why would CNN lie about a liberal’s political views?

The easy answer is because it negatively affects President Donald Trump. The network has had an obvious vendetta against the President dating back to the presidential election. Even more recently, it allowed Anthony Bourdain to make inappropriate comparisons between Trump Restaurant chefs and Nazi soldiers without discipline. But what about when Dr. Drew Pinsky raised medical questions about former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? Fired.

As it has been all along, the fix is in.

The inauguration is already being labeled as a flop by a bulk of the mainstream media, with frequent comparisons to former President Barack Obama’s inauguration. A story about the daughter of a music legend taking issue with a song being used adds onto the negative coverage.

It’s most unfortunate because while she is politically on a different end of the spectrum as President Trump, she does wish him well. On Twitter she has noted she wishes that the President does well, stating that a good President benefits us all and she doesn’t believe anyone tries to be a bad one.

Political discourse would be in a better place if more individuals held similarly mature sentiments. One may not agree with President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric, but we should still hope for the best. Many do not share this view, however, and the intense polarization of society is being fed by fake news networks like CNN.

Once again, the prominent cable news station is being caught in a lie. How many more times does CNN have to lie before people finally admit they are a fake news network?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. “CNN has made a name for itself promoting fake news and being an obvious promoter of the left.”

    That is false. They are a promoter of the corporate establishment, pure and simple. They backed Hillary against Sanders as well as against Trump. MSNBC is sort of left, but even they put corporatism first, and fired Cenk Uygur for calling out the warmongering policies of Clinton and Obama.

    As long as the left and right keep pointing fingers at each other and letting the corporate elite break all the ties, we will never mount a serious opposition to the real enemy.

    • We’re talking about the actual Sinatra recording.

      Personally, I think “My Way” should have been the theme song of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski. It gives the words a whole new meaning.

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