What the national backlash against Governor LePage says about America

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage is a controversial figure, not just in his home state but nationally, as well. His statements and actions have earned him both national and even international attention a number of times during his time as Governor. Most recently, he has landed in hot water over comments about drug dealers being of a certain race. The injection of race has earned him widespread criticism, including allegations that he is racist and mentally unstable.

Ultimately, these actions have led to many pundits and liberal activists comparing him to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


The comparison to Trump is valid in a lot of ways. The backlash against some of the things he’s said and done is legitimate. But now, even the Washington Post is calling for him to resign, joining the liberal echo chamber.

The backlash speaks many volumes about America. Maine Democrats attempted to impeach Governor LePage, and liberal activists are calling for him to resign. Even publications are joining the call for him to leave the Blaine House.

How many called for President Barack Obama to be impeached? After campaigning on hope and change, he has become a mere extension of the Bush Administration. Domestic spying, if anything, has gotten worse. Whistleblower Edward Snowden was forced to flee the country after exposing this massive operation under the Obama Administration, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has stated he should be prosecuted.

President Obama has also advocated for more war after campaigning against it. He has also continued foreign drone strikes that have killed numerous innocent civilians. The President has also protected the Saudi Arabian government from the American people, even after the declassified pages of the 9/11 Commission report revealed they had connections to the hijackers.

How many Democrats stood up for impeachment of former President George W. Bush? Individuals like Dennis Kucinich were in the party minority sounding the alarm about the actions of the President, which include the surveillance state and the invasion of Iraq. Even Nancy Pelosi did not support impeachment as these issues continued.


Instead, the Democratic Party has now nominated and embraced Hillary Clinton. Clinton voted for the invasion of Iraq, which got countless civilians and American soldiers killed – one of which includes Captain Humayan Khan, who by all accounts is a hero for his sacrifice. Governor LePage, interestingly enough, was criticized for calling out Khzir Khan for exploiting his son’s memory at the Clinton coronation.

Getting people killed in wars waged on false justification is acceptable, but words are awful. This is the message of the Democratic Party and the entire leftwing. There may be actual concern for Governor Paul LePage’s mental health, and there is a general concern for his demeanor, but President Barack Obama’s policies are actually getting people killed. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton supported the President’s policies. She also voted to invade Iraq.

Governor Paul LePage isn’t the problem with America. If he should be impeached or resign, President Barack Obama should be gone first. Maine’s controversial Governor isn’t getting civilians killed in drone strikes or propping up oppressive regimes that bomb hospitals. The Democratic Party clearly has a broken moral compass.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Let’s be realistic now if LePage had the power of the president ,with his temperment and his”intelligence “America as we know it today would not exist! The man has more power then Mainers should of ever allowed! How many more years of his shit?O ..my GOD!

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