New Project Veritas’ Teachers Union Investigations Unveil Pedophilia Scandal

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is releasing a series of videos for his ongoing Teachers Union Investigations that show hidden camera footage of union representatives boasting about engaging in highly corrupt and immoral actions.

The first video of the series was released last week containing footage of New York State United Teachers senior counsel Mitchell Rubinstein talking at a holiday party in Dec. 2015. Rubenstein bragged about how he helped shield an alleged child rapist from criminal prosecution.

The teacher who Rubenstein was representing, referred to as “Mike,” had been accused of forcing several children at knife-point to perform oral sex on him at his home. Rubenstein was aware of Mike’s guilt the entire time but helped him skirt justice anyway. After being asked to describe his worst case, Rubenstein was quite candid about what had occurred.

“I had the teacher take a lie detector test, okay. He passed the lie detector test,” Rubenstein said while grinning ear-to-ear. “That’s why I don’t believe in lie detector tests… He, in his mind, believed that it was okay… because it was voluntary, when it wasn’t really voluntary.”

Rubenstein described the story in full detail, chronicling how the children named specific details about Mike’s house and the subsequent excuses concocted by the teacher. Only after phone call records were subpoenaed showing that a child made a phone call from his house did Mike’s story finally fall apart. However, Mike was never prosecuted after resigning at Rubenstein’s behest.

“He was guilty, and he passed the lie detector test, and I told him, you can’t go to trial because you’re going to wind up in jail,” Rubenstein said. “And I actually convinced him to resign.”

Project Veritas is attempting to locate Mike’s whereabouts, and are imploring people to send relevant information to Rubenstein is still employed with the New York State United Teachers at the present time.

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