New Yorker Fires Ryan Lizza Over Sexual Misconduct, While CNN Only Suspends Him


2016 was the year of the mainstream media. Then candidate-Donald Trump and his allies attacked the press often for what they called fake news. The supporters of this agenda regularly attacked multiple news sources for their alleged bias. But instead of backing down, the mainstream media stood up against what they claimed as an attack on the free press. Their characterization of themselves was holy, infallible and valiant. The journalists could do no wrong. The same applied for news anchors and other prominent figures in the media.

2017 was the year they fell.

Ryan Lizza was a Washington correspondent for the New Yorker and political commentator at CNN as well. He has enjoyed a high profile for his political reporting for quite awhile. He was also the guy who wrote the article full of profanity that lead to Anthony Scaramucci’s departure from the White House. He’s also a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, and has taken frequent shots toward his agenda and pushed the alleged Russian connection fervently.

Then the New Yorker announced they terminated Lizza for “improper sexual conduct.” Lizza responded claiming his innocence, downplaying the relationship with a female co-worker. He said the relationship was respectful, not inappropriate. He went onto state that the New Yorker was unable to cite what policy he broke.

A lawyer for the accuser, who wishes to remain nameless for her own protection, disputes the claim that the relationship was respectful.

Lizza was on the list of “Sh-tty Media Men” that was circulated in response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations. The avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations have rocked American culture, but empowered the victims to take a stand for themselves. Prominent media figures such as Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer have been forced out of their high-profile positions over claims they acted inappropriately.

While the New Yorker promptly terminated the prominent critic of President Trump and the Republican agenda, CNN has not yet moved to cut ties. Instead, the network has only suspended Lizza. CNN has notably clashed with the President numerous times over the last year, even recently after President Trump slammed anchor Don Lemon.

Will CNN terminate Lizza?

The network has stated they’ve now learned of the allegations. The appearance of Lizza’s name on the Sh-tty Media Men list complicates the story, as the list itself had been quietly circulating the mainstream media for some time. Mike Cernovich had threatened to release the list, something that earned criticism from mainstream and liberal sources alike.

Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery attacked Cernovich’s credibility, even after it was alleged Mother Jones writers appeared on the list. She implied his support of conspiracy theories like Pizzagate disqualified the list, which as we now know, is not entirely true. Lizza isn’t the only name on the Sh-tty Media Men list to be ousted.

If CNN does not remove Ryan Lizza from the network, it will solidify the perception that it cares more about its liberal bias than reporting news. The personal conflict with President Donald Trump is more important to them than integrity. The President has widely been criticized for the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but Lizza could get off the hook at one of the biggest mainstream media sources out there. It’s bad for optics, and it’s a poor moral decision.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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