No Exceptions: All Illegal Aliens Must be Physically Removed


After every presidential election, the idea of the president’s “electoral mandate” becomes a hot topic of discussion. The newly elected president, by virtue of his election, is thought to have received a “mandate” from the American people to pursue his policy agenda.

On November 8, the American people elected Donald Trump and gave him a clear mandate to address the following issues: trade, Obamacare, and most importantly, immigration.

There is a lot of speculation about what Trump’s first moves as president will be – some religious conservatives are pushing for him to work with the Supreme Court to attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade. This is a move that establishment Republicans, who would love to see Trump fail, will be quick to go along with – because they know it will quickly waste the 45th president’s political capital and public goodwill.

Trump is likely smart enough to not engage in a fight over abortion right out of the gate. The repeal and replacement of Obamacare is likely to come first, as the poorly crafted portions of the unpopular healthcare law are thrown out and the few positive features are included in the new legislation.

This will satisfy most establishment Republicans and independents, and grant President Trump new political capital. With the public on his side, he can tackle the next issue the American people have asked him to solve: immigration.

President-elect Trump has pledged to first deport the illegal immigrants with “criminal records,” including “gang members, drug dealers”, continuing to state that “we have a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million… we’re getting them out of our country, they’re here illegally.”

This is a policy that few could disagree with. Illegal immigrants who come to the country and commit crimes have no business being allowed to stay in the country.

However, when describing the rest of America’s illegal immigrant population, Trump referred to them as “terrific people,” appearing to be reconsidering his promise to deport all illegal immigrants from the country.

Immigration is one of the many issues where Trump’s supporters will have to hold his feet to the fire and demand that American laws be enforced to their fullest extent. Our nation is either one of laws or one of men – we do not make exceptions to the law because someone is a “terrific person.”

How “terrific” can one be if they are violating a major federal law?

The deportation of illegal aliens who have committed secondary crimes is a good start, but in order for justice to be fully realized, all illegal aliens must face the consequences for their crime.

One of Trump’s campaign promises was to reverse many of Obama’s executive orders. Two of the orders prime for reversal are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), which grant deportation relief to illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. as children, and relief to illegal aliens with children who are American citizens, respectively.

In effect, these executive orders create an even larger magnet for illegal aliens to come to the country. DAPA creates an unprecedented incentive for illegal aliens to have children in the U.S., knowing full well that after their child is born, they will not be deported.

DACA allows for illegal aliens who may have come here as children (there is no way to document this, of course) to have relief from deportation. Many of these illegal aliens are now using American education resources, creating a strain on the system and displacing natural born American citizens and legal residents from attending American universities.

In order to receive protection under these executive orders, illegal aliens had to go through an application process. To date, over 650,000 illegal aliens have received protection from DACA, and thousands more have received protection from DAPA, effectively creating a database with information on millions of illegal aliens inside the U.S.

President Trump should, and must, reverse both of these illegal executive actions, and then instruct the Department of Homeland Security to utilize the DACA and DAPA applicant databases to begin the deportation of illegal aliens – to do otherwise is unfair to legal immigrants, legal residents, and American citizens.

According to the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 1.5 million illegal aliens attending college in the United States. Every seat filled by an illegal alien is a seat that is being taken away from an American citizen or a legal resident to this country, and President Trump is in a unique position to rectify this.

There is an argument made that illegal alien students have earned their right to attend college by being equally or more qualified than American citizens. This is largely untrue. There are many scholarships available uniquely to illegal aliens, and many universities actually prefer illegal aliens over American citizens due to race-based affirmative action programs. This is fundamentally unfair to the hard-working American and legal immigrant students who are forced to attend lower quality schools after being displaced by illegal aliens.

It’s a lie to say that illegal aliens are equally qualified when government’s finger is on the scale.

Underscoring the debate is the fundamental question of justice – is the U.S. a nation that cares about law and order, or are we a nation that makes decisions based primarily on political consideration?

Gang members, the unemployed, parents of Americans, or students – it does not matter. If you are here illegally, as President-elect Trump said in one of the Republican primary debates, “you have to go back.”

Illegal aliens in this country are breaking the law and are subject to deportation. It does not matter if they are college students or gang members – illegal is illegal, and President Trump will have the resources and the mandate from the American people to fix the problem and see that justice is done.


  1. For most of American history, immigrants streamed into this country, found jobs, and either stayed to build a life or returned to their native country if they couldn’t. America was admired by the world and proudly displayed an ode to immigration on the Statue of Liberty, within sight of the major processing center at Ellis Island. We can and should return to that tradition.

    Every significant problem blamed on immigration in this country is either imaginary or caused by government. In Arizona, where illegal immigrants are being blamed for an increase in violent crime, violent crime has actually been declining for a decade, and declining much faster than the national average. Immigrants (both legal and illegal) commit crimes at lower rates than natives. If you’re worried about gangs, then end the War on Drugs which funds them, just as it did the gangsters under alcohol prohibition.

    Immigrants are often accused of overloading the welfare system. This is again the fault of a government program. But the idea that welfare is a magnet for immigrants is a myth. In an ingeniously designed study by University of Hawaii Professor Ken Schoolland, patterns of migration within the 50 states, which have no travel restrictions between them, were studied. Schoolland found that were was, in fact, a very strong correlation between welfare and immigration: it was strongly negative. All of the states with the highest levels of government welfare benefits experienced net emigration to other states, and all of the states with the lowest levels of welfare experienced net immigration. Arizona, the current focus of anti-immigrant fears, ranks 46th in welfare benefits.

    Immigrants come here to work. Anyone who works and produces makes others better off. And unemployment and immigration actually are another two factors with a negative correlation. There has only been one decade in American history in which we did not have net immigration: the 1930s. If that is your idea of a great decade, you can have it.

    One unintended side effect of border crackdowns is to increase the number of undocumented aliens who remain because of the difficulty and cost of leaving and returning. Another is to create an ‘underground railroad’ that makes it easier for terrorists to enter without detection. The overwhelming majority of immigrants would love to come in through the front door. It is our bad immigration policy that has constructed the back door.

    It is time we stopped scapegoating the people who represent what is most admired about America. When the Libertarian Party was formed in 1971, we selected the Statue of Liberty as our symbol. We’re the only political party that deserves it.

  2. What you Liberal Republicrats should do is dismantle the Welfare State that u and the Democraps love and adore and that means Ending Corporate Welfare also!!!

  3. My solution:
    1. Deportation of all criminal illegals.
    2. Give one year to the rest to come and register.
    3. After that year deport whoever did not register.
    4. The registered got ten years working permit and during this ten years they need to pay back all the taxes that they owe and all the help that they got .
    During that ten years if they do any criminal activity they will be deported.
    After that ten years they will get green card.

    • We should just welcome peaceful immigrants as we did in the 19th century.Pre Central Bank,Pre Federal Reserve,Pre Drug War,Pre Federal Income Tax,Pre Welfare State!

    • There is one — and only one — solution to the so-called immigration crisis: freedom and free markets. Every other measure, including the recently enacted immigration law in Arizona, will accomplish nothing more than continue the “crisis” and actually exacerbate it.

      After all, how many times have we been here during the past several decades? How many so-called immigration crises have we encountered, followed by countless measures that would supposedly resolve the crisis, only to encounter a new immigration crisis a few years after immigration “reform”? How many times have we been told that if we just adopt one more measure — laws against transporting, laws against harboring, laws against employing, highway checkpoints, warrantless searches of private ranches and farms along the border, raids on businesses, amnesty, a border fence, and all the rest — the immigration “crisis” would finally be resolved.

      It has never happened, and it will never happen until Americans adopt the only measure that will finally resolve the immigration “crisis” — freedom and free markets.

      Permit me to explain why.

      Immigration controls are simply a form of socialist central planning and economic intervention.

  4. Our current immigration system is an embarrassment. People who would like to follow the legal procedures are unable to because these procedures are so complex and expensive and lengthy. If Americans want immigrants to enter through legal channels, we need to make those channels fair, reasonable, and accessible.

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