Either Hillary Clinton is lying about her pneumonia or she just willingly exposed a young child to a potentially fatal lung disease.

No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Pneumonia

The discussion of Hillary Clinton’s health was resurrected on Sunday as a video was released that showed her briefly losing consciousness before being pushed into the back of a security van. This incident took place less than a week after the massive coughing fit she suffered at an event in Ohio.

What is the cause of Clinton’s recent medical problems?

It depends on who – and when – you ask.

Questions about Clinton’s health have been circulating since her 2012 fall and 2013 blood clot hospitalization, but they were notably revived this election cycle in early August when Paul Joseph Watson posted a video asking questions about Hillary’s strange behavior – which subsequently went viral. Mainstream outlets at first dismissed the claims, with Clinton actually taking to Jimmy Kimmel’s show to “prove” that she was in good health by opening a pickle jar, which was later proven to be staged.

The pickle jar incident took place in late August. In the first week of September was Clinton’s coughing fit, and then on September 11th came the coup de grace to the myth that Clinton is in good health: her faint and fall at the 9/11 event in New York City.

Clinton, being a woman in her late 60s, is naturally more sensitive to the heat. That is what the Clinton campaign was relying on when they issued their first claim, that Clinton had become “overheated”. However, as some astute Twitter users were quick to point out, it wasn’t exactly fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot on the morning of September 11th in New York; In fact, the temperature was only around 80 degrees at the time her supposed “overheating” took place.

Once the Clinton camp realized their mistake, the narrative changed. Instead of being extraordinarily and unfortunately warm, the Democrat nominee was instead suffering from a spontaneous case of pneumonia she had been diagnosed with on Friday, 9/9.

Does she have pneumonia?

According to the American Lung Association, pneumonia is caused when the germs carrying the disease reach the lungs, which causes “the lungs’ air sacs (alveoli) to become inflamed and fill up with fluid.”

Symptoms of pneumonia include, but are not limited to: coughing, fever, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, and “low energy.”

It is regarded by the American Lung Association as a “serious lung disease,” and is responsible for “[killing] thousands every year.”

But does Hillary Clinton have it?

Not a chance.

The first piece of evidence suggesting Clinton’s “pneumonia” story is a work of fiction lies in the video captured of her emerging from her daughter Chelsea’s apartment hours after her faint and fall. More specifically, it lies in the audio. Listen to Clinton shout to the adoring press (and get trolled by Martin Shkreli, the heckler in the background) in the clip below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjWfgSyBNXU]

If Secretary Clinton were actually suffering from pneumonia – and was aware of her infection since Friday –  it would be extremely reckless, selfish, and cold-hearted for her to engage in the scripted hug with the little girl, which would virtually guarantee her exposure to the oft-fatal disease that is “particularly dangerous for older adults and young children.”

Either Hillary Clinton is lying about her pneumonia or she just willingly exposed a young child to a potentially fatal lung disease.

Secondly, Anyone who has been sick with pneumonia, or has been around someone fighting pneumonia, knows that shouting to the press like Clinton does in this clip would be nearly impossible. The restricted lung capacity and fluid in the lungs caused by pneumonia makes even short speech difficult. If Clinton was supposedly diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, she would be more than 2 days into a typical 7-14 day symptom period – meaning her symptoms would likely be at their worst point of the period. Being able to yell that she’s feeling “great” to the press? Unlikely.

In addition, full pneumonia symptoms do not take hold overnight. The illness usually progresses gradually, meaning that it is unlikely Clinton was both infected and diagnosed on Friday. Sometimes pneumonia symptoms may show after 1-3 days of infection, but it often takes 7-10 days after infection for symptoms to begin.

And yet, the day before her supposed diagnosis, Clinton was able to deliver a 40-minute speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, without the slightest hint of phlegm or fluid. The speech went off smoothly, and Clinton seemed to be in good health. The video of that rally can be found below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdJ73S2vysM]

No mucus, no phlegm, no coughing fits. On 9/8, Hillary was in good health. Based on this performance, there is no doctor that would have even considered her to be sick with pneumonia.

What is Hillary hiding?

Based on the timeline and available footage of Hillary Clinton, it can be safely surmised that she is not, in fact, suffering from pneumonia. If she was able to make it through a full rally speech on the 8th, then miraculously come down with pneumonia on the 9th and have it diagnosed within the same day (while catching the infection in its infancy), it would be an extreme medical anomaly.

At this point it is fairly clear that Hillary is hiding something, and the “pneumonia” smokescreen is the Clinton campaign’s latest attempt to explain away the issue. Perhaps there is some truth to Mike Cernovich’s claims about her handler carrying a Diazepam injector to combat her seizures, or perhaps she is still reeling from the effects of her 2013 blood clot.

Until she releases her full, unedited medical records, the American voter will have no idea.

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  1. reminds me of a Little House on the Prairie episode where laura says she can’t go to church because she has “larignittis”. Pa tells her it’s pronounced laryngitis and she shouldn’t be able to talk if she has it!

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