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North Korea Issues Demands, Orders Trump to Back Off as Precondition for Diplomacy

North Korea has issued an official response to President Donald Trump’s suggestion that he is open to talks “under certain circumstances.” The notoriously anti-American nation is open to meeting, but they have some preconditions of their own that the U.S. must follow to make it happen.

“As everybody knows, the Americans have gestured [toward] dialogue,” North Korea’s Deputy UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong said on Friday as reported by Sky News. “But what is important is not words, but actions.”

“The rolling back of the hostile policy towards DPRK is the prerequisite for solving all the problems in the Korean Peninsula,” Ryong said. “Therefore, the urgent issue to be settled on Korean Peninsula is to put a definite end to the US hostile policy towards DPRK, the root cause of all problems.”

United States imperialism is a favorite scapegoat of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. They have saber-rattled continuously for years at the United States, but the Trump administration has decided that enough is enough. Trump has postured more decisively against North Korea by saying they are “looking for trouble” while enticing China to assist in neutering the threatening country.

Although the military option remains on the table, it is not something that the Trump administration wishes to persue. Defense Secretary James Mattis has stated that engaging North Korea militarily would be “tragic on an unbelievable scale.”

“Our effort is to work with the U.N., work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation,” Mattis said.

Working with South Korea is a serious possibility because President Moon Jae-in was elected in part to strengthen diplomatic ties with the North. He dreams of a day where the South can “embrace the North Korean people to achieve peaceful reunification one day” and believes that talks should speed up the transition to the inevitable reconciliation.


  1. The US government should not look for one more country to bomb. It should simply walk away from North Korea. The US armed forces and the US government would all be better off leaving North Korea to the parties that are geographically adjacent.

  2. Note that Pres. Trump currently has two US carrier battle groups in the North Korean area of operations. Two carrier battle groups means something..One carrier battle group says “We are here, pay attention and behave.” , two means.. “We can fuck you up…hard and fast.”

    • Donald Trump could order 11 carrier battle groups to the Korean seas and they would mean just as much and just as little as one. I doubt that South Korea wants to initiate any bombardment which hopefully means there will be none. Does Japan want the US to initiate bombardment? I am guessing the answer is no. Does China and Russia want the US to initiate bombardment? I am guessing the answer is also no.

      Who wants the US to proceed to launch bombs at North Korea? To know the answer I would have to look at the manufacturer invoices on the bombs in question.

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