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November 4th: What To Expect


The date ‘November 4’ doesn’t exactly bring many important events to mind for most people besides the 2020 presidential election, but given the rate at which groundbreaking news develops in recent months, thinking about what might happen in 2020 quickly becomes exhausting. In fact, it is rather difficult to point out any truly significant historic event that occurred on a November 4th. No government was overthrown; no significant war had broken out, nothing besides a few births and deaths of some mostly obscure historical figures and a collection of past events that hold mostly regional significance at best.

However,, the same folks that brought you the infamous white-font-on-black-canvas “No! In The Name Of Humanity, We Refuse To Accept A Fascist America” signs, brandished mostly by Baby Boomers who don’t make enough from their reverse mortgage and illegal aliens who have decided to drive in the express lane for deportation, believes that November 4th will be the beginning of the end for the so-called ‘Trump/Pence regime’. Their choice behind the date remains unclear.

In their own words, from

“We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”

Curiously, Refuse Fascism defines fascism as “a qualitative change in how society is governed”. Based on their own definition, the abolition of slavery, the Communist Revolution and the signing of the Magna Carta would all qualify as examples of fascism – who knew?

The discussion around November 4th as the date of some sort of massive act of leftist civil disobedience became publicly revealed on September 26th when protesters blocked a California highway as they held signs spelling out “Nov 4 It Begins”.

As it stands, it is difficult to determine what will actually happen on that day. Will leftist groups rally under the Refuse Fascism banner and flood Democrat-voting urban centers to wage all manner of destruction against Democrat-owned private property, or will this protest fizzle out, leaving them with only a handful of nutty geriatrics picketing Trump Tower for the 85th time this year? Bob Avakian, founder of Refuse Fascism and Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, intends for his protest to mimic the Occupy protests on November 4th. As a result of a poor execution, unclear objectives and rampant criminal activity, Occupy Wall Street was almost universally mocked, even by mainstream media outlets, before its long overdue November 15th, 2011 demise. For this reason, if Avakian does accomplish his goals, it would only be to the detriment of his constituents.

The most reliable way to determine if a leftist protest will be successful or not is to find out where it gets its funding from and how much of it. One thing is clear: Refuse Fascism certainly does not lack for funding. A Feb. 7th Breitbart article states that Refuse Fascism has received $50,000 from the Alliance for Global Justice, an organization funded by the Soros-backed Tides Foundation. A connection to George Soros has become the litmus test needed to separate the big players in left-wing activism that can afford to bus in hundreds of paid protesters anywhere they choose from the rest of the small fry leftist groups who may only provide a loud and nasty online presence at best. Indeed, Refuse Fascism has offices or networks in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Hawaii, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Tucson. Notable individuals holding leadership positions at or closely affiliated with Refuse Fascism include DNC Platform Member and Harvard Professor Cornel West, prominent feminist Gloria Steinem and well-known rapper Immortal Technique.

Despite these high-level connections, Refuse Fascism only has a paltry 35k likes on Facebook (with local chapters receiving somewhere between 300-2k likes). In comparison, The Liberty Conservative, a publication not funded by George Soros or backed by prominent left-wing celebrities, has 26k likes. Breitbart, for comparison, has 3.68 million Facebook likes. Prolific fake news provider Occupy Democrats has 6.9 million Facebook likes, but most are probably ironic. Refuse Fascism only has 13.7k followers on Twitter. From their own website, Refuse Fascism has only raised a total of $38,331 from 257 donors (as of 1:35 AM, 10/08/17) with 45 hours remaining in the fundraiser. The median donation amount is around $25. This is from a group whose website claims that it can raise millions – perhaps they can, but it certainly wouldn’t be from the average donor.

It is abundantly clear that Refuse Fascism, despite the relative prominence of its leading members and financial connections to some of the most despicable left-wing kingmakers in existence, fails to generate any traction among the average Democrat voter. This is a group that intends to flood the streets with hundreds of thousands of protesters across the United States; crowds which it claims will swell into the millions over time, to demand the resignation of President Donald Trump, yet it fails to garner even a tenth as many likes on social media as the number of protesters it boasts about. Usually, when it comes to event attendance advertised on social media, trends favor the opposite outcome. Surely a group as reputable as Refuse Fascism would never entirely manufacture its own hype?

This does not mean that Refuse Fascism is harmless, in fact, that is far from the truth. Refuse Fascism claims to be an organization opposed to violence, writing in a September 9th statement on their website:

“Refuse Fascism does not initiate violence.  We oppose violence against the people and among the people, but we uphold people’s fundamental and legal right to self-defense”

Anyone well acquainted with the current state of left-wing dogma understands that leftists consider many opinions opposed to their own views as ‘violence’ (and by extension, free speech as a whole). Refuse Fascism’s application of self-defense in this case would be to physically assault anyone with an opinion to the right of Hillary Clinton circa-2008. Resist Fascism is closely tied to violent Antifa organizations around the United States, with both organizations having operated together to shut down journalist and right-wing political activist Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech on February 1st in what became known as the first Berkeley Riot, as well as appearing at the massive and violent G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany earlier in the year, where hundreds of police officers were injured.  Bear in mind that these are just a few examples of violent protests that were sponsored by Refuse Fascism or groups endorsed by them, a more exhaustive list would warrant its own article.

Refuse Fascism may find it exceedingly difficult to bring out the hundreds of thousands of protesters come November 4th as it claims, but it will have no trouble funding violent leftist provocateurs to spontaneously appear in dozens of locations throughout the United States, and you better believe that their funders will want their money’s worth. This protest has been too highly promoted by too many wealthy organizations and well-known left-wing activists for it to be a total failure and embarrass everyone associated with it. If these protesters will be so few in number as to not be able to engage in rampant violence and vandalism due to law enforcement presence, they will attempt to engage in economic terrorism by blocking traffic or hindering other forms of transportation or commerce. They will set up passive agents with cameras pointed at their own provocateurs waiting for someone to become fed up and respond angrily to their provocations for the media to spin as ‘right-wing violence’. November 4th will certainly not be the date of a communist revolution or a leftist uprising – for their own sake, but everyone on the right should remain careful and vigilant.

Igor is a contributor to The Liberty Conservative and an M.S. in Applied Geosciences; Hydrology candidate at the University of Pennsylvania.

He likes water, rocks, politics, guns, nationalism, recognizing patterns and describing himself in third person.


  1. The SA (Sturmabteilung — Storm Detachment, Assault Division) is formally introduced to the world by Adolf Hitler. Also popularly known as the “Brownshirts”

  2. it is rather difficult to point out any truly significant historic event that occurred on a November 4th. No government was overthrown; no significant war had broken out, nothing besides a few births and deaths of some mostly obscure historical figures and a collection of past events that hold mostly regional significance at best.

    • The Gunpowder Revolution, with Guy Fawkes, was Nov 5. That’s where the stupid anonymous mask is from!! Catholics were going to blow up Parliament!! And yes it’s not the same but it’s still something major and anti-government!!

  3. Baby Boomers?!?! This whole movement is made up of Millennials and GenXers rebelling against their parents’ generation. Declare them all as terrorists!

    • Most are brainwashed at the college level by Communist professors or just doing the cool to be bad thing.. They are being pushed to start a violent revolution that has no chance of success against the local police let alone the millions of Minute Men and Militia who are more heavily armed then most national guard units which they outnumber 50 to 1..

  4. “everyone on the right should remain careful and vigilant”.

    If you are armed and caught up in a situation, maybe shoot the guy with the camera first. Just a thought.

  5. **Let’s get this party started** We are hoping for all them to crawl out of the toilet so that we can find out who the American Terrorist really are, after we un- mask their hidden faces. We all know they are amongst our neighbors just like Rand Paul just found out. Help identify them to put them all away.

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