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Opinion: Christine Blasey Ford May Have Type 1 Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder causes mood swings that vary between depression and mania. Those with type 1 bipolar disorder will have very extreme manic episodes that may be accompanied by psychosis.

If anyone has had experience with an adult family member who developed bipolar disorder type 1, they would know of the issues associated with how it may cause a person to hallucinate things happening, or even believe things happened from the past that never occurred.

This is prevalent in people who go untreated for their disorder or those who will refuse to regularly take their medication.

Recently, with the controversy over Christina Blasey Ford’s additional front door on her house, it occurred to me that she could have bipolar type 1 disorder.

Here is why I think this:

First: Ford named several people at the alleged party, including Mark Judge, who she claims was in the room laughing while Brett Kavanaugh forced himself on top of her. Judge denies it ever happened. The other people she named at the party refuted her story.

Second: Ford’s allegation involves an extreme, inappropriate sexual act against her. She never went to the police, never told her parents, and nobody else has collaborated that she ever told them about it before lawyers were involved in the matter.

Third: Why would Ford claim she was unable to fly due to fears, although she is a frequent flyer, and was able to fly later?

Fourth: Why did Ford bring up the totally irrelevant issue about the second front door on her house? Ford claims it was installed because she has claustrophobia and her and her husband attended a counseling session in 2012 over the matter. She said it was because he did not want to install the second door. It seems very odd to me that they attended counseling over something as minor as this. Add to this, now there is photo evidence showing the second door was installed before 2012, making her story even stranger.

I think at this point you know where I am going.

It is possible that she believes what happened to her. She may believe Kavanaugh really did it because it was ingrained into her memory from bipolar psychosis—so that even when she is stable, she believes it really happened. People with bipolar disorder will falsely claim that people from the past, even when if they were mentally healthy at time, raped them. Psychosis will cause them to initiate fights with people they don’t know, and then claim it was the other person attacked them for no reason or claim that person raped them.

It is possible she was not taking her medication the first time she was requested to testify. This is why she (or her husband/lawyers) claimed she was scared of flying. They needed the time to get her back on meds and stabilize. It’s not uncommon for people with bipolar type 1 disorder to go through the same cycle over and over where they will stop taking their medication. Once they are off the meds for few days, they will refuse to take them, even at request of doctors and family. People with bipolar disorder can also have episodes where they say all sorts of false things about people they know or about family members. They may or may not remember saying them.

The second front door on the house is interesting because it could have been installed as an entrance to a safe room where she would be free to come and go as she pleases while being locked out of the main house. This room would be needed because people with bipolar type 1 disorder will take things out of the house and put them out in the yard, or take things out of cabinets and set them around the house. They will take food out of the refrigerator and set it around the house and hide it. They may take cleaners or other chemicals out and mix them in food. They will throw away valuable things and keys. They will throw away their medication and family member’s medication if they have access to it. They can be fascinated with matches, lighters and candles. They may turn the oven on, leave a sink or bathtub faucet running with the drain stopper in place. They may take their clothes off and go outdoors. They are also inclined to meet strange people and let them into the house late at night or early morning while others are sleeping.

I think her husband and her lawyers know she is bipolar. If any legal action is taken against her she will not be held accountable for being mentally ill. Her husband didn’t even come to the hearing with her. He may not want to be questioned by anyone because he either knows or suspects her claims are not true due to her mental disorder. Her medical history is confidential and we may never know the truth.

I hope the FBI will question local police to see if they have a history of picking her up and taking her home or calling her husband to come pick her up. They may not necessarily keep files on this because they know she is mentally ill and don’t want to fill out paperwork over it.

This should have been held confidential, but since Democrats don’t believe it either, they are making a circus out of it to delay and cause unnecessary grief for Kavanaugh, his family and friends—all for a political agenda. Sad.

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Author: Mack Cogburn
Courtesy of:  Defiant America


  1. I googled the question because the smile to sadness displayed just made me think of mania….. I did want wonder if she was on meds or if anyone had looked at her health records for Bi-Polar …it would explain a lot

    • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I would LOVE to see the medical evidence backing up claims that people with bipolar 1 have false memories of rape. This is a stretch. To use a horrendous medical condition to attempt to discredit someone is simply pathetic. False memories has never been attributed to bipolar and enough is enough with the “mood swings” trope, it is not that simple. Shame on you for stigmatizing (for no reason!) an already stigmatized population

      • It’s for sure you don’t know what you are talking about if you think bipolar psychosis can’t cause false memories. Are you also denying that mood swings are a symptom of bipolar disorder too?

  2. I am married to someone with a pretty bad Dx of Bipolar 1 – In manic episodes with anosognosia, they see a different reality than everyone else, but it is 100% real to them.

    There is no point in trying to reason with a person like that – he/she sees, feels, remembers that “alternate reality” so vividly – As an example, they might tell you that the sky is green. There’s no point in trying to persuade them that it’s actually blue – their perception is so filtered/twisted by the bipolar mania that they will actually see a green sky. Connect that person to a polygraph and they will tell you that the sky is green with such sincerity that there will be no adverse reading – after all they ARE telling the truth – or at least THEIR truth.

    They will tell you that people in Silver Hondas are following them – again nothing you say will convince them otherwise. For them it is REAL.

    Remember that Ted Bundy passed several lie detector tests.

    To a rational person, it the incident Dr Ford describes happened, they would have been upset at the time, maybe a bit resentful (remember that by her accounts, it was a clumsy attempt, but not actual rape) but over time it would have been forgotten and lost among other memories – For her to have carried it for nearly 40 years, to have allowed it to grow and fester in her mind, points to a definite mental imbalance.

    • I had a family member the same and now they are doing great with my help. Psychiatrist that I have had experience with are worthless. My O.D. is better than any Psychiatrist I have ever met.

  3. This is a disgusting attempt to use bipolar disorder’s stigma in order to discredit a person who shows no symptoms of a deadly psychiatric disorder. Cute.

      • First, you’re wrong – Mortality in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder vs. general population: Mortality from suicide in bipolar disorder: . Second, I know what I’m talking about more than you do. Very obviously. And third, I’ll repeat, you’re disgusting to use the stigma around a deadly psychiatric disorder for some kind of weird political thinkpiece trying to discredit a woman with no evidence of a psychiatric disorder. If you are actually a sufferer yourself, or have loved ones who suffer, you ought to do some research about how to help reduce stigma and increase the chances for people to receive medical attention and social supports.

        • It’s not deadly because it’s treatable. There is no stigma, it causes exactly what people think it does and worse–someone they would like to avoid. It’s only a stigma if people believe something about it that is not true. As a matter of fact, most people don’t know how sever bipolar type 1 can be or that it can be accompanied with psychosis. I did have a family members with bipolar type 1 and the behavior is just as described in the article. I don’t have to discredit Ford, she has discredited herself.

      • You really don’t. Your characterizations of her situation are all false.

        1) Nobody has refuted her story except Judge who stands to be arrested himself if it’s true.

        2) You’re flat lying about her not telling anyone in the past. She did.

        3) Fear of flying does not prevent people from flying – this is a stupid red herring.

        4) The second front door is a typical tell of someone who has been attacked in the past and doesn’t want to ever feel trapped without escape again.

        But hey – lie to your readers about the fundamentals of your analysis so you can further stigmatize people with mental health issues.

        An easier explanation that fits the truth of what happened: PTSD from being attacked as a 15 year old by the local thugs who had impunity because his mom was a local prosecutor so there was no authority to go to.

        You must be a really good Christian.

        • I hope you have tissues nearby. I laugh at people who can’t comprehend what “opinion” means in the title of an opinion piece and they don’t comprehend the phrases “it’s possible” or “she could” and claim someone is lying when they nowhere state that it’s a fact.

          • your opinion is nowhere based in reality. stay on the topic of unicorns or something. You can state your opinion, but you can just as easily be refuted when people call you out for spreading misinformation. Which you clearly are. If you were spreading misinformation about any illness people would go on the defensive. This is a medical condition, do not go back with that bullshit “it was just my badly informed opinion.” If you ACTUALLY had this illness you would see why what you are perpetuating here is such trash. Stop trying to be an armchair psychologist, it never goes well. You are QUITE obviously not educated. Get my Tissues? I have lived with bipolar for years, some weasel on the internet could never make me cry.

          • Another symptom of people with bipolar 1 disorder with psychosis is they don’t believe the things they do and get angry when someone describes the things they do and lash out with obscenities and call them names. It’s kind of hard for them to accept their irrational, mean behavior when they are out of their minds.

  4. As a psychologist specializing in the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder, I find there to be no validity to claims made by Mark Cogburn in the Liberty Conservative’s opinion piece about Ms. Blasey-Ford.

    Bipolar disorder is a complex brain disorder that presents with a wide range of different behavioral manifestations. One can see 20 different cases of bipolarity and each will present with its own unique symptoms. Looking at two or three behaviors in isolation doesn’t ascertain the presence of a broader symptom reflecting the disorder’s diagnostic criteria. Bipolarity cannot be casually identified through cherry picked pieces of news nor through hypothetical assumptions about someone being non-compliant with medication treatment. It certainly cannot be diagnosed by a politically motivated columnist without licensure or training in the field of psychiatric disorders.

    Granted, the author may assert that his piece is simply his “opinion.” But such simple opinions only serve to perpetuate misunderstanding and societal stigma towards those who do live with bipolarity. And this is most unfortunate.

    Russ Federman, Ph.D., ABPP
    Virginia Licensed Psychologist
    Board Certified in Clinical Psychology

    • All the behaviors described are typical of bipolar 1 disorder with psychosis. Stigma or not, they occur and it sounds like you are denying that those behaviors occur by saying it perpetuates a “stigma.” It is not a disgrace to have a mental illness or discussing it. Accepting the reality of it by those afflicted helps them. These sorts of behaviors need to be recognized by everyone, especially law enforcement so they understand why a person will be belligerent, not speak or run away from them to avoid harm to them.

  5. One more comment and then I’ll withdraw from the discussion as I don’t think that Mr. Walton’s view is going to be altered by any new information.

    Living with bipolar disorder entails recurrent mood variability that takes one both depressed and elevated mood. Acuity of mood symptoms can range between mild to acute. Most people understand depressed mood – they’ve either had it or they know someone who has. Mood elevation is less common. It is what determines the bipolar diagnosis. Depression without episodes of elevation isn’t bipolarity.

    On the elevated end of the mood continuum we have the following:

    Significantly elevated energy
    Lessened need for sleep with little to no fatigue
    Racing cognition
    Rapid, pressured speech
    Increased gregariousness or sociability
    Grandiose or unrealistic perception of one’s capabilities
    Increased goal-directed behaviors (having a single-minded focus or preoccupation)
    Elevated libido
    Impulsivity, often with accompanying impaired judgment
    Strong mood intensity with either positive mood (euphoria) or negative mood (irritability)

    A cluster of several these symptoms needs to be present and recurrent over time.

    Inconsistencies in Dr. Blasey-Ford’s discussion of the door on her house or her fear of flying don’t come close to representing a valid grouping bipolar symptoms. Reference to her having had a manic psychosis is Mr. Walton’s fantasy. There has been no evidence presented thus far which would suggest she has a history of psychosis. I might add that most memory undergoes some revision or erosion over time. Such is quite normal and is not suggestive of psychosis.

    Russ Federman, Ph.D., ABPP
    Virginia Licensed Psychologist
    Board Certified in Clinical Psychology

    • Who is Mr. Walton? The article is not a fantasy at all, it is a question and why she “may” be bipolar based on many odd things she has said that are not true. None of what you just said refutes the behaviors described in the article, they are all accurate behaviors of what some people with bipolar type 1 disorder may do and you know it. It can explain why she claims things happened and names witnesses that deny it ever happened. It does not claim to be true nor that it is a conclusive diagnosis. If a mental illness (besides being a leftist commie) is not the reason for her false claims, then she is outright lying.

    • I have thought of that too. In case she gets in legal hot water she knows how to act like she is crazy and how to act leading up to a point where she might be in jeopardy. It was just discovered she is a professional liar and coached people on how to beat a polygraph.

      • you are not all that educated, are you? poor thing. but…that goes with the flow. you will not listen to a DOCTOR on bipolar or a patient of the illness and believe polygraphs are legitimate pieces of evidence (although they cannot be used in court for some WEIRD reason). Is this your job sweetie? I cannot imagine you are qualified for much.

        • Ted Bundy passed a polygraph. I had a family member with type 1 bipolar disorder and the behavior is just as described in the article and Ford’s behavior and her making false statement, while appearing rational and other odd things she says is typical of the symptoms.

          • except as the Doctor noted, there is no “typical” bipolar. We share symptoms, but what you are suggesting is outlandish, and again, you have provided no proof of such a phenomena happening in bipolar 1 patients ( the CREATION of false memories). Please, if it is so pervasive, or at least notable, there should be readily available, peer-reviewed articles on this. Not this “I knew a guy” bs.

  6. Or how about disassociative personality disorder? She acted and sounded and even looked like a middle schooler with the hair in her face, being questioned, yet she has 2 Master’s degrees and a PhD. She is a liar.

  7. Oh darling, I am a very rational graduate student. To the point that I see how useless it is to post on here anymore. You cannot rationalise with people who think it is appropriate to weaponize mental illness. Good luck in the USA.

    • I thought the moment I heard her speak that she was mentally ill. I also believe there was a conspiracy by the Damnocrats to find someone mentally ill with credentials like her to lie. It’s easy to find them in her profession! So sad. This is a perfect example of what’s bad about mental health in our country. TSK, TSK,TSK.

  8. There are copies of the construction drawings online from the Ford’s 2008 renovation that show a new addition consisting of a new master bedroom with a new double door entry/exit from the back yard and a new large master bathroom, all behind the garage. There doesn’t appear to be a new second front door on these drawings but google street pictures show an additional front door added into one of the existing bedrooms , so perhaps a change was made later.
    The problem here is that they built a new, much larger (2x) master bedroom with a nice door going on to a patio in the back yard. Why would she need a new door in the front of the building for a bedroom she won’t be sleeping in?

    The rental thing might be a reason, but it doesn’t matter as far as what she said in the hearing. She specifically described the argument with her husband and others as being over the aesthetic issue from the front of the house.

    This is so odd that something has to be going on. She even said during her testimony that she was now hosting google interns, so that is just more evidence she is not sleeping in the room with the new front door.

    The thing is, she didn’t need to tell that story about needing an extra bedroom door in the front of her house to make her point. Like it or not, something along the lines of what the author has suggested may very well be the case.

  9. She’s not bipolar. She is probably an alcoholic with borderline or histrionic personality disorder and she’s also totally being paid to lie. I’m late to the party but her story screams “I’m a victim… really I am.” Which is textbook borderline. It also screams of someone who loves sex and attention but lied about enjoying it for money

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