Partisan Leftists Sow Seeds of Division In America’s Heartland Regarding Cannabis Reform

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The marijuana legalization movement has built a tremendous deal of momentum in recent years, but partisan leftists can’t help but ruin a good thing.

Trish Bertrand, an anti-capitalist activist who advocates regulating and restricting the marijuana industry in her state, held up a sign saying “COPS AND THE KKK GO HAND IN HAND” at a protest in Springfield last month. With Missouri cannabis lobbyists working diligently to gain law enforcement support toward legalizing medical marijuana, her disgraceful move could drive a stake through the heart of the entire reform effort in the Show Me State.

Bertrand is the President of the Springfield chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). She was removed from her post at New Approach Missouri after her shameful, divisive actions became known to the public. Additionally, Bertrand claimed that fellow marijuana activists were aligned with alt-right due to their association with close Trump ally and long-time GOP operative, Roger Stone, who is leading a bipartisan cannabis reform effort across the country.

“In Missouri Roger Stone’s presence on cannabis has been a unifying presence, not a divisive one,” said Eapen Thampy, the leader of Americans for Forfeiture Reform, to The Liberty Conservative. He has been involved in cannabis reform politics in Missouri for many years.

Thampy is a libertarian-leaning Republican who helped to fundraise within the cannabis reform community for Rand Paul’s presidential campaign last year. Although he is happy to reach across the aisle to work with Democrats and liberals on like-minded issues such as ending cannabis prohibition and civil asset forfeiture, he has found that those on the opposite side of the political arena are not nearly as amenable to the idea of putting differences aside and working together.

“We’ve seen conservatives unite with libertarians and liberals to achieve a common goal of ending prohibition in 2018 and it’s being done with the support of law enforcement that sees that cannabis policy reform allows for fundamental improvements in the practice of law enforcement,” Thampy said. “This is real change for the people of Missouri and we hope that our friends on the West Coast can join us in celebrating that.”

While most drug policy groups have claimed to be non-partisan throughout the years, they have shown their true colors since the election of Trump. Organizations with close ties to George Soros – such as the Drug Policy Alliance and the Drug Reform Coordination Network – have focused their ire on the President and the GOP to the point of superseding and undermining the alleged focus of their organizations.

It remains to be seen if the cannabis community can put this pettiness behind them, and unite for the benefit of the millions of Americans suffering due to prohibition.

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