PAY TO PLAY: Clinton Foundation Files Expose Corruption

Zero Hedge has broken the news that, on the heels of the disappointing 3 AM Wikileaks press conference, there was a hack that has resulted in a leak of major information which does in fact have the potential to change the presidential election. Guccifer 2.0, the hacker whose revelations led to the DNC staff resignations on the weekend of their convention, has revealed the presence of a “pay to play” folder in the Clintons Foundations files, something Hillary may have tremendous difficulty in explaining down the line. The “pay to play” allegations have been around for over a year, and this leak seems to justify those who found the list of people she had met with as secretary of state to be all too coincidentally lined up with those who had made public donations to the Clinton foundation.

Photo Credit to ZeroHedge

The leak also revealed other fascinating documents which will cause widespread speculation, most notably a document which cross referenced the amount of money a particular bank donated to a congressman with the amount of funding that congressman’s district received from the TARP bailout. This strongly suggests that the Democrat Party was itself involved in a “pay to play” scandal involving the banks who benefitted from the bailouts.

Photo Credit to ZeroHedge
Photo Credit to ZeroHedge

With Julian Assange having said this morning that he will be releasing something new every week for the next 10 weeks, this may be just the first of many revelations which will prove problematic for the Clinton campaign. She will now be forced to explain what this folder means, and frankly I cannot conceive of an explanation which will satisfy the concerns of the American people. She will be forced to explain whether she colluded with big banks to allocate TARP funding based on congressional donations. More questions will be asked of a candidate who already has far too many circling around her orbit. The Wikileaks “October Surprise” series may prove to be the game changer of this election cycle.

Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.


  1. IF it’s real, why isn’t this THE ONLY THING we are seeing on the State-run outlets? Why are we seeing VP debate blah blah blah? This would put people in jail, whether Obama likes it or not, thus making it all the more suspect. And, it would completely destroy the Clinton march to the White House. She’d be marching to the Big House (yes, the one with the bars). Just seems dubious, at least at first view. A folder named “Pay to Play?” Come on.

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