Pelosi-thon: 8 Hours of Ole Nancy on the House Floor

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has ended an eight-hour filibuster-esque speech aimed at forcing a vote in the House of Representatives on protections for illegal immigrants who Democrats have branded as “Dreamers.”

The leftist California Democrat took to the House floor at about 10:04 a.m. Eastern standard time on Wednesday and only yielded at 6:11 p.m. Caucus leaders such as Pelosi are allowed to speak without limits under House rules.

Wearing 4-inch heels and forgoing any breaks, Pelosi read personal letters from the the illegal migrants whose temporary protection from deportation is set to expire next month.

The performance had no immediate or discernible impact on Republican leaders, who have not agreed to a vote.

Pelosi says she hopes the House follows the Senate’s example and takes up an amnesty bill. She says it should be “bipartisan, transparent and unifying.”


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