Police kill six year old white child, no White Lives Matter riots ensue


Much has been made of the racial tension in the mainstream media lately, specifically with the treatment of African Americans by the police and justice system. Looking at statistical figures, there is a clear issue involving race. But does that make one race more important than the others?


Black Lives Matter and other black supremacists have rioted a number of times after shooting incidents that result in the death of an African American. To be clear, death is a tragedy and aggression is wrong. The skin color of the victim doesn’t change anything.

Black supremacists would lead us to believe that only black lives are worth defending. Their message isn’t “black lives matter, too”, but instead “black lives matter, only.”

There was a recent incident involving the shooting of a 19-year-old white teenager on a date being shot by police. Police were conducting an undercover sting over drugs and after they clearly used excessive force in killing Zachary Hammond, they arrested his date over ten grams of marijuana.

Where were the White Lives Matter riots? Where were the angry white supremacists storming through the streets, vandalizing businesses, harassing and harming innocent citizens, and otherwise disrupting social order?

There weren’t any.


Now there’s an incident involving a six-year-old white child being shot multiple times by police who ultimately died as police argued over the situation. Police pursued his father, Christopher Few, after witnessing an argument between Few and his girlfriend. Few fled the scene and then was cornered on a dead end street. After one of the police officers got out of their car, they fired several shots at the vehicle immediately. Body cam footage released by the Judge showed Few’s hands raised at the time the shots had been fired.

The released footage then shows police finding the child shot and bleeding, and then an officer later acknowledging the child still had a pulse.

In the aftermath of the incident, the outrage has been minimal in comparison to what normally occurs after an African American is killed. Does this six year old’s life not matter as much as an adult, because the child is white and the grownup is black? It’s a disturbing trend that society is setting.

All lives matter should be the message after each and every tragic murder incident. Not black lives matter or white lives matter, but all lives matter. It’s not racist, it’s endorsing racial equality and opposing violence of all kinds.

Violent protests much like the ones that broke out in Ferguson and Charlotte reflect a growing aggression among black supremacists. While the claim is that black lives matter and inequality is real, they seek to swing the imbalance instead of creating a balance. Their clear aim isn’t to make white lives and black matters both matter equally, but to make black lives more important.

In society, all lives should matter regardless of creed, orientation, and even race. This six-year-old little boy’s life shouldn’t be less important simply because he isn’t African American. But this is the implication that society is making when they riot over adult African American deaths while looking the other way when white children are killed.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Ever try to get white folk to protest anything, any crime by govt?

    They just hump up and take it no matter how criminal the govt gets and think they’re “patriotic” and “law abidin'” in doing so!

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