President Trump Lists Off Accomplishments At CPAC 2020


President Trump listed his achievements as President of the United States at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

President Donald Trump had been running late to his allotted speaking time at CPAC this year, as Secret Service secured all entries and exits to the auditorium while the crowd eagerly looked around waiting to see their president. After approximately half an hour later, President Trump arrived on stage, walking to the podium to roaring applause.

President Trump began his speech at CPAC 2020 noting the accomplishments of his administration, which included tax cuts, Supreme Court judges, and the appointment of 218 judges. 

President Trump continued in his speech, stating “together we are defeating the radical socialist Democrats, the fake news media, the crooked politicians, and the hate-filled left-wing mob.” President Trump then immediately quipped “and I told you I was going to be nice today”, much to the amusement of the CPAC crowd.

President Trump then tore into what he has repeatedly referred to as “The Swamp”, remarking: “I never knew the Swamp was so bad, it’s really bad . . . a lot of dirty people, a lot of very bad people.” President Trump continued, denouncing the Democrats for what he referred to as the “Mueller hoax”, the Russian collusion accusations, and the ostensibly controversial Ukraine phone call. 

President Trump also tore into Senator Mitt Romney for voting against him in favor of impeachment, referring to Senator Romney as a “low life”.

Referring to the votes for impeachment, President Trump asserted “that’s when you find out who your friends are.”

The energy in the auditorium was electrifying, as President Trump was encouraged and entertained some of his most ardent supporters. President Trump ended his speech asserting that the American adventure had just begun, and exclaiming that “the best is yet to come”!

The situation at CPAC 2020 demonstrated the sheer energy of the conservative movement under the leadership of President Trump.

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