President Trump Stands With Judge Roy Moore, Refuses To Withdraw Endorsement

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President Donald Trump has been conspicuously silent regarding Judge Roy Moore following allegations of decades-old sexual impropriety. Trump brushed off reporters who asked him about the embattled Alabama Senate candidate on two separate occasions in the past week, but his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the concerns during a Thursday address to reporters.

“The President believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously. He believes the people of Alabama should take the decision on who their next senator should be,” Sanders said.

Sanders made it clear that while Trump was concerned about the allegations and not dismissing them haphazardly, he will not be rescinding his endorsement in the lead-up to next month’s U.S. Senate special election where Judge Moore will face Clinton-era attorney Doug Jones.

“This is a decision for the people of Alabama to make, not one for him to make,” Sanders said.

This news come a day after Breitbart News Executive Director Steve Bannon reaffirmed his support for Judge Moore as well. Although most conservative voices have surrendered to the media-driven witch hunt, Judge Moore still has the two men most responsible for defeating Hillary Clinton in spectacular fashion last November by his side.

“The one thing I would like to see happen in our country is unity… I have unified the Democrats and the Republicans in fighting against me because they don’t want me there,” Moore said.

If Judge Moore can overcome the deceptions being pushed by the entrenched establishment forces of both parties and emerge as the next U.S. Senator from Alabama, he will not be out of the water yet. His colleagues have already threatened to overturn the election results and expel him if he wins. Expect more dirty tricks to come before the special election, which will occur on Dec. 12.

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