President Trump Unleashes the Engines of Growth


It was a little over a year ago that I wrote my first article for the Liberty Conservative, “The Authors of Prosperity.” Published on the 20th of November, 2016, it expounds on the promise of then-candidate Donald Trump’s intent to slash taxes for individuals, couples, and businesses, and in so doing, usher in an epoch of wealth generation the likes of which most millennials can’t fathom. This would not be an unprecedented feat, and I wrote of how Harding and Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush all stewarded over economic rebounds and successes through of conservative tax reform.

In my first article I quoted Donald Trump’s Contract for the American Voter. In that contract, now-President Trump promised soaring growth by way of, “Tax reduction and simplification, in combination with trade reform, regulatory relief, and lifting the restrictions on American energy.

Quite a few things have changed since November 20th, 2016. Both houses of congress have brought us to the happy brink of tax reduction and simplification with their historic votes, but what about trade reform and regulatory relief and lifting restrictions on American energy?

One of President Trump’s key negotiating strategies has been walking away from multi-lateral trade deals. No proof of this is greater than his withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. True to his word, President Trump has decided instead to deal with each of those nations which would have been signatories to the aborted trade deal. POTUS recently returned from Asia where he visited our partners in China, Vietnam, South Korea, and beyond. Each visit was a success, each presented opportunities for immediate returns and potential for growth in the medium and long term. President Trump kept his word.

Regulatory relief may be the largest feather in President Trump’s cap to date. He has slashed red tape at an historic rate, the result has been soaring manufacturing optimism, record high business and consumer confidence, and a record number of job openings. The Dow has broken seventy records after climbing more than five thousand points in less than a year. Labor force participation is beginning to tick up as unemployment continues to drop, a triumph Barack Hussein Obama was never able to achieve.

Once again, President Trump is as good as his word.

As for lifting restrictions on the domestic production of energy, President Trump has already delivered on this promise when he authorized the Keystone XL pipeline and when in March he turned back much of BHO’s overreach in the fossil fuel sector. Witness for yourself the astounding ease by which President Trump authorized drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, something many of his predecessors had promised but failed to deliver on.

Lastly on the subject of energy production, had hurricane season not laid waste to our refineries in Texas, we might now be seeing the positive effects of these numerous regulatory rollbacks. For now, all we have to do is wait and take satisfaction in the knowledge that daily President Trump is working for us by working to obliterate the legacy of his ignoble predecessor.

There appear so far to be no negative economic aspects of the Trump Economy. It’s working. Everything he said would happen is beginning to happen. And it is only the beginning. As I write this and as you read it, Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate have held up their end of the bargain to capitalize on the groundwork President Trump has laid to unleash the engines of growth. President Trump must and will sign the legislation. The rest is up to us, the private sector, the real authors of prosperity. And within hours, the private sector answered the call and rose to the occasion.

Wells Fargo, Bancorp, Boeing, Comcast, and AT&T have all announced that because of the tax reform package, they will be increasing wages and making massive capital investments in their businesses as well as providing sizable donations to charitable causes. It took less than a day for the markets to respond with robust optimism and vigor to the news that help is at long last on the way.

But you can’t make everyone happy. Sad Clown Chuck Schumer and his simpering partner in crime, Nancy Pelosi, are predicting the end of the world even as the world emerges on the threshold of a new year under the glowing promise of a new golden age.

The haters will hate, the nay-sayers will say nay, but the truth will reveal itself in short time. Back in November of 2016, in my first article, I said, “A falsehood repeated often enough will eventually be exposed.” In similar fashion I can now say the truth must only be made manifest once for it to take root and unleash the engines of growth.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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