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Pretense of Knowledge: The Democrats’ Fatal Conceit

Accepting the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences, late Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek admitted that, as a profession, economists “have made a mess of things.”

He was referring to the modern economist’s reliance on a pretense of knowledge.

Believing economics is a physical science and that outcomes can be predicted with precision, these economists often bet on false or spotty information. The results are seldom what’s expected, and the ramifications of these policies are often destructive.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported, Democrats were caught leading the effort to swing Electoral College voters away from President-elect Donald Trump in a very personal way.

“Internal calls and emails reveal leaders of last-ditch effort to swing Electoral College [voters] … communicated with [Hillary] Clinton campaign officials,” the publication claimed, all while Democratic leaders like campaign chair John Podesta “didn’t explicitly endorse efforts.”

Some of these Democratic leaders included senior Clinton advisors such as Jennifer Palmieri, the communications director for the Clinton campaign.

Despite the hard work, Clinton ended up losing more Electoral College votes than any other candidate in recent history. Thus the effort was nothing but yet another PR nightmare for the former secretary of state.

Again, much like what happened in the months prior to the November 8 election, the media reported about the campaign hoping to turn voters away from Trump to exhaustion. News outlets that had previously demonstrated preference for Clinton also reported on the campaign to stop Trump extensively, while some even encouraged them to do so. Again, the idea that Electoral College voters would want to “stop Trump” was embraced by a great deal of opinion-makers, and yet none of their hopes materialized. By ignoring the reality of these same voters and their communities, Democrats and news personalities who bet on a “second chance” for Clinton lost. For the second time.

In the article “Why Evangelical Progressives Need to Demonstrate Anguish Publicly,” anarchist author Michael Malice wrote about the left’s current out-of-touch approach to the election outcome, stating that while “left-wing adults in the room” are moving on now that the “the bad guys won,” the “evangelical progressives,” as he puts it, truly believe that “[Trump’s win] was a case without precedent.”

Whether the 2016 presidential election was unique because of its outcome might be questionable, considering we’ve had elected TV and Hollywood stars to serve as U.S. presidents in the past. But the fact of the matter is that, much like economists get things badly wrong when they rely on a pretense of knowledge to lobby for certain policies, Democrats are currently betting and losing at alarming rates. Why? Because they believe they are unquestionably right. And they truly believe they have an answer to everybody’s problems: Stop Trump.

The same way obsessed progressives in both parties continue to push for policies that restrict freedom of speech, freedom of association, and even the freedom to do what you please to you body without any evidence to back their efforts, these same “true believers” are now saying they know the end is near because Clinton wasn’t elected for office. Their appeals, it seems, are based solely on their emotions, since it’s somewhat impossible to predict what Trump will do once in office. But even as their assertions are called into question by actual voters, their immature approach to politics is never questioned, only recycled.

Will it ever end?

Born and raised in Brazil, Alice always knew America was her home. From the moment she first lived in the United States as a 14-year-old up until now, she has never stopped fighting to make it freer.

She lives in Compton, California and writes for The Advocates for Self-Government and Anti-Media.

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