The Pro-Choice Terminology Deception


“My body, my choice! My body, my choice!”

The popular slogan chanted by pro-choice supporters during pro-life gatherings is a defiant declaration to all anti-abortion advocates and lawmakers, a woman’s uterus is off limits to any and all government regulations.

It’s a statement which – supposedly – represents freedom for all women to decide the fate of an unborn child. Yet, upon a closer review, when you compare the phrase with how abortion supporters actually apply it, the freedom to choose is not what the phrase represents.

If abortion supporters were really about choice, they certainly wouldn’t be offended by those who believe that every child deserves a chance at life. In fact, the pro-life movement is not only about freedom but also equality. 

However, the pro-choice stance is a push to retain a woman’s legal right to relinquish themselves of any parental responsibilities. Equality is not part of the equation. It’s about supremacy. When a woman chooses abortion, she takes away another human being’s right to life. 

Therefore, how is it possible that the pro-choice movement continues to draw supporters while neglecting the moral depravity of what it represents? 

You’re Right if You Do and Right if You Don’t

It’s human nature to internally validate bad decisions before and after they’re made. Crafting excuses to justify actions helps reduce or even eliminate feelings of guilt, remorse, or potential long-term regrets. 

Abortion specialist Dr. William Harrison once stated, “The real issue in the abortion debate today is not when life begins, but is it a morally meaningful life?” 

Harrison attempts to draw attention away from facts about what abortion is, claiming a mother’s decision is moral regardless what she chooses to do. 

Coming from a well-respected obstetrician who switched from delivering babies to performing abortions, that answer could certainly influence many young women into believing abortion is no better or worse than choosing to have their baby. 

Not completely surprising, as many who opt for an abortion believe they’re saving the child from a lifetime of hardship – a so-called compassionate mercy killing. That certainly sounds better than, “I’m choosing to murder my child to preserve my lifestyle.”

Pro-life advocates don’t support abortion because it’s murder. That’s the answer. However, ask pro-abortion supporters why they believe abortion’s ok, and you’re likely to get a number of opinions.

The three primary cases pro-choice advocates default to are rape, incest, and the threat to a mother’s life. Yet, few abortions are performed under those three categories. Most abortions are performed for unmarried women in their 20’s who consented to intercourse.

Meaning, most abortions performed were for women who were fully aware that birth control is not 100% effective and knew they were the only one at risk of getting pregnant. Setting aside facts, the top excuses used to justify abortion include:

• Not prepared to take on the responsibilities of motherhood
• Financially unstable
• Interferes with school or career
• Issues with husband or boyfriend

When you consider these top reasons, it’s very apparent that most abortions are performed to help women preserve their lifestyle, relieving them of the responsibilities of childbearing and parenthood.

Freedom for Who?

Words like ‘murder’ and ‘kill’ are considered insensitive by liberal orthodoxy.

Instead, more appealing terms like ‘abort’ and ‘terminate’ are preferred. Words which dilute the reality of what abortion is all about. You can terminate a program. You can terminate a worker’s employment. You can abort a mission. You can abort a computer program. So, what do ‘abort’ and ‘terminate’ really have to do with sucking a human being into a vacuum or tearing it apart with surgical instruments?

Pro-choice is a term abortion advocates associate to ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’. However, the phrase ‘pro-choice’ has also been used to deceptively validate many injustices throughout history.

Before slavery was abolished in 1865, pro-choice slavery implied a white man should have the right to choose if he wants to buy and sell slaves. It meant slave-owners should have the freedom to own other human beings and not be restricted by the government (part of why the American Civil War took place). Yet, today, there’s no argument, African American human rights were violated in the process.

A portion of abortion pro-choice supporters try to ride the fence, claiming, “I, personally, would not have an abortion, however, I’d support a woman’s right to choose.” A claim used to invoke a sense of moral high-ground, an attempt to seek acceptance on both sides of the debate.

Yet, what pro-choice supporters don’t understand is they’re either pro- or anti-abortion; they can’t be both. If you’re pro-choice, you’re pro-abortion.

Consider this, imagine an older gentleman claiming, “I’d never rape someone yet I support the choice for another human being to rape another.” Would anyone – in their right mind – consider his position to be noble? Even after he said he’d never do it himself? Not likely. The issue is not the fact he wouldn’t rape anyone, the issue is the absurdity he would even support it. Therefore, he would probably be considered to be a threat to society.

Similar to slavery and rape, abortion is a violation of human rights.

It’s about one human infringing on another’s rights for selfish gain. Although liberals believe denying an abortion is an infringement on their rights, they overlook the fact it’s not a mother’s body which gets torn apart and disposed of.

It’s an act which doesn’t take the real victim’s human rights into consideration.

In the quest to eliminate abortion, there are signs that the pro-life movement is making progress.

For a little over 20 years, annual abortions have steadily declined. In 1990, the United States reached the highest number of abortions performed with 1.6 million. Since 2011, there have been less than 1.1 million abortions performed annually.

In January, efforts to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, got underway. Although the decision by congress will not lead to Planned Parenthood shutting their doors, they will lose 40% of their annual funding granted to them by U.S. government.

Yet, the fight for life is far from over.

To help abortion supporters understand the reality of what abortion is, it’s necessary to identify and address the false narratives and manipulating terminology pro-choice activists use to justify their cause. As liberals continue to chant, “My body my choice,” keep in mind, what’s perceived to be a woman’s cause is actually a cry to preserve their lifestyle and future plans.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.


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