Putin Shows Heroic Leadership as Trump is Cucked by Neocons in Syria

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Donald Trump faced the first true test of his Presidency this past week, and failed abysmally. After a chemical attack in Syria that was attributed without any real evidence to President Bashir al-Assad, Trump threw his relatively non-interventionist stance in the trash immediately to appease the neocons and other Washington D.C. swamp rats, launching airstrikes against the Syrian government.

While Trump faltered, a truly masculine leader with big hands reacted like a professional. Vladimir Putin refused to budge to the neocon war machine and throw Assad under the bus at their behest. He refused to feed into the globalist propaganda narratives pushing the world toward conflict. He didn’t care that the western media was making him or Assad out to be bogeymen. Putin urged for restraint while Trump was rushing to war. He stood strong under the pressure while Trump whimpered. Putin told Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu that “it was unacceptable to make groundless accusations against anyone without conducting a detailed and unbiased investigation.”

American hypocrites call leaders like Putin and Assad dictators because of what their government masters tell them on the television. These confused individuals have no perspective of what is really going on in the world. Putin and Assad have not been one-thousandth as brutal and inhumane throughout the world as the United States empire. Putin’s alleged war crimes in Ukraine pale in comparison to what America did to Libya, opening the world up to a refugee crisis that threatens western civilization. Assad’s alleged chemical weapons attack is nothing compared to the depleted uranium that the U.S. empire dropped over Iraq, causing birth defects rivaling Nagasaki and Hiroshima after World War II. It is not even close. Both Assad and Putin are doves compared to Uncle Sam.

In addition, the United States is allied with countries with far worse human rights records than Russia or Syria. The United States sells arms to Saudi Arabia, an Islamic dictatorship where homosexuals get stoned to death and rape victims get imprisoned for their impurity. The United States considers Turkey a key strategic ally, when their leaders openly pine for an Islamic crusade to conquer Europe. The Turks still deny their holocaust of the Armenians to this very day. If you think Putin and Assad are the big bad Hitlers of the moment, you might as well put the dunce cap over your head right now.

It’s time to take our pro-America blinders off and respect greatness. On the global stage, Putin’s leadership is par excellence while Trump is a chump getting played like a fiddle by the New World Order. To be fair to Trump, the case can be made that Trump’s bombing of Syria was largely ineffectual subterfuge to get the neocons off his back. After all, Russia was alerted of the attack before it was conducted. Even if this is the case, the unprovoked attack still sets a terrible precedent. The neocons aren’t going to be appeased with one meager bombing campaign. These are vicious, bloodthirsty jackals with a world domination fetish we are talking about here. They are already using Trump’s Syrian intervention as an excuse to create another quagmire in Syria.

Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham endorsed a full-fledged military invasion in their joint press release in support of the attack. They endorse a “new, comprehensive strategy” that would involve decimating Assad’s air force, working with Islamic terror groups on the ground, and establishing Orwellian “safe zones” in the region through brute force. Other prominent neocons such as Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol, Iran/Contra convict Elliott Abrams, and former UN ambassador John Bolton have praised the attacks as well.

On the other hand, Trump’s base is incredibly angry. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, populist upstart Marine Le Pen of the French National Front, media commentator Ann Coulter, tech journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, author Mike Cernovich, radio host Laura Ingraham, and Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson have criticized Trump’s Syrian intervention in different ways. Trump is at a crossroads. He must decide whether he will satisfy the globalists, neocons and the swamp rats during his Presidency or fulfill the populist anti-globalist mandate that put him in the White House. He cannot have his cake and eat it too. Taking cues on the global stage from Putin would be a good step in the right direction.

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