Rand Paul Endorses Corky Messner for U.S. Senate In New Hampshire


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has endorsed Bryant “Corky” Messner for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, according to a report by WMUR.

He ascribed his endorsement to Messner’s support for a limited government, libertarian-leaning agenda.

“One of my favorite things about New Hampshire is the ‘Live Free or Die’ spirit of independence and liberty,” Paul said in a statement. “Having more senators in Washington who embody those ideals and can amplify that message in Congress is needed now more than ever. Fortunately, with Corky Messner, the Granite State has a candidate who is prepared to do just that.”

He then went on to tout Messner’s personal bona fides as a Senate candidate.

“Corky Messner is an outsider who understands the need for more leaders who will buck the status quo and defend the constitution,” Paul added. He’s a businessman who knows how important it is to get our debt and deficit under control and our spending in check. He’s a veteran who has served our country honorably and believes, like President Trump and I do, that we must end the endless wars and take care of our veterans, who have sacrificed so much.”

Messner and Paul also share a strategist, New Hampshire-based politico Michael Biundo. Biundo is a long-time Paul ally, having previously been involved in Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign. Biundo currently runs Paul’s Protect Freedom PAC, which supports libertarian Republican candidates across the country.

“Senator Paul has been a tireless advocate of personal liberty and individual freedoms, and I thank him for his support,” Messner said in a statement responding to Paul’s endorsement. “He has been a true role model for those of us who cherish the constitution and understand the very real challenges facing this nation.”

Messner is set to face frontrunner Don Bolduc in the September primary. Messner also boasts the endorsement of the National Association for Gun Rights, and senior Trump aide David Bossie.

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