Rand Paul Has Potential “Life-Threatening Injuries”, Political Future “Unclear” After Brutal Leftist Attack


A savage assassination attempt which took place on Friday has incapacitated Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), according to a report by the Associated Press.

According to Paul’s Chief of Staff, Doug Stafford, it is “unclear when Paul will return to work since he is in considerable pain and has difficulty getting around, including flying.”

The Senator is currently recovering from “five broken ribs” including “three displaced fractures, which can lead to life-threatening injuries”.

Paul was mowing his lawn in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Friday afternoon when socialist revolutionary Rene Boucher tackled him from behind, forced him to the ground, and began beating him.

The terror attack committed by Boucher, a proud supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), was politically motivated, according to both sources close to Paul and the FBI, despite reports that Boucher and Paul had an ongoing feud. Boucher’s Facebook profile was dominated by posts criticizing President Donald Trump, suggesting that Paul’s close relationship with the President may have played a part in his motivations. Boucher also frequently shared posts by progressive organization Occupy Democrats, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), and anarchist philosopher Noam Chomsky. So far, neither Sanders nor any other leading Democrats have condemned or disavowed Boucher.

The injuries inflicted upon the Kentucky Senator could potentially remove from the forefront of the upcoming debate in the Senate over the Trump administration’s tax reform plan. While Paul has said he generally supports the administration’s efforts on this issue, he has been critical of attempts by Republican leadership in Congress to water down reform proposals.

If the Senator is ultimately forced to resign due to his injuries, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin will be required to appoint a replacement to serve out the rest of Paul’s term, who would then go on to face a special election in November 2018.


    • Dan Wilson I knew you’d have something to say. What’s your deal? You have to comment on everyone who commented. And I am very aware they are separate events. I did not say or imply they were one.

  1. His injury is NOT life-threatening. It is well under control. While a displaced fracture can cause other life-threatening injuries, this is not the case for Rand Paul’s injury. Please do not hyperbolize this already tragic incident.

  2. Rand had a scratched head and a busted lip I live here in KY he was sucker punched from behind he is fine. Something a liberal would do no surprise. He was a registered demorat is all you need to know but his ass is in jail. Rand was mowing his grass when the jerk done this.

  3. master click-baiting nonsense. Rand will be fine. He has to be. I cannot see him sitting on the sidelines. He will be doing all within his power to get back up. The damn neocons in this State would love for him to get out of the way.

  4. This article is contradictory to the one that appeared on Sat. morning on TV news which said that Rand Paul’s injuries are minor and he is fine. The Sat. article did say that the perpetrator is Rand Paul’s neighbor. So whom to believe??

  5. What can we say? Rand was the best warrior for individual freedom. I would hope all “Conservatives” reading this will look more closely at Rand’s “Libertarian-ish” views and help us carry on his fight while he recovers.

  6. Rand Paul reminded me of McCain! A pain in the ass for personal reasons! It might be better for him to take a vacation!

  7. The most amazing thing to me is aside from the violence, Rand Paul mows his own yard. I don’t think there is another US Senator who does that. Rand really is just like everyone else.

  8. Biggest pussy ever…. assassination attempt? Career ending rib injury? You guys are the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever met. All this dude does his flip flop and raise money for election, you guys make democrats look like MS13. My man probably gave him the ol’ Goldberg tackle because he’s trying to cut the regulations on his clean air and water. Terror attack!?!?! Hahahaha my nephew must be the new head of ISIS the way he is tackling the kids in his pee wee league.

  9. The constant drone of anti-Trump narrative that the Media drills into it’s listeners is probably responsible for the anger built-up in the attacker. With all the hate and protesting going on, the U.S. is beginning to look like an uncivilized country. It is not for us to judge Senator Paul’s injuries. Praying that he heals well and soon.

  10. Hopefully the man that attacked Rand paul gets charged with attempted murder. That was uncalled for. Rand Paul is a True Supporter of the Constitution and our Country!

  11. I’m a Liberal Democrat and huge Bernie Sanders supporter but what this guy did was wrong! You just don’t do stuff like that no matter how much you disagree with a man’s politics. I feel bad that this happened to him and I hope he’s ok and I wish him a speedy recovery. It would be a shame though if he has to resign because that’s this man’s career and it will seem as if this person achieved their goal in attacking him.

      • It ain’t “honesty”, it is gullibility…there is a sucker born every minute. Why not wait for the facts before everybody gets their panties in a wad.

    • As “a Liberal Democrat and huge Bernie Sanders supporter”, you sure do assume a lot based on NO information. Considering that, and I am going waaaaayyy out on a limb here, but my bet is that you probably voted for Trump in the general! Say it ain’t so!

    • When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. There lies the reason for thuggery, lies, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals. And most of the MSM is an arm of the Democrat Party. Communists love to control the media.

  12. damocrats need to go, their not working like My President Trump for the love of America and it people the danocrats all are above the lar, At a time like this they just do not gave a dam about America and it people all set up by the last 4. anti. American presidents all are low life loser, still working to take out America, but have to fight we the people and The Greats President this Country will ever see or have seen, and thee low life loser can not stand to be out done, by a Real Man for His Love for America and it People. God Bless You President Trump, and for you damocrats and the last sorry ass loser, you know were you can go, you gave them the power so just pack you bag and head for NK were you belong, or Iran. you bush low life also get the hell out of America

  13. It’s time to get a real, nasty AG. If not, then, pretty soon, it won’t be safe for Americans to walk the streets of this great country. Let’s get an AG that will help MAGA.

  14. The perp needs deep investigation for ties to organizations that would profit from Paul being excluded from legislative work. This investigation should be taken up by a conservative organization as the FBI and police cannot be trusted to come to an impartial decision or investigation.

  15. Really? A friend who stopped by earlier today said his friend, a WKU grad, heard that Rand Paul was having affair with the neighbor Boucher’s wife and that’s why he got cold-cocked. That makes a lot more sense than this conspiracy theory stuff about his neighbor suddenly becoming so distraught with Rand’s political ideology that he just attacked him while he was mowing his grass.

  16. How is it that the real “gun nuts”, left wing nut jobs like Devin Kelley and this antifa “doctor” Destructo Boucher get to create as much mayhem as possible, yet the Demo-rats in Congress still think they need to take the right of self-defense away from law-abiding conservatives? You can’t make up the hypocrisy of the Left in America, reality is stranger than fiction…

  17. When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. There lies the reason for thuggery, lies, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals. And most of the MSM is an arm of the Democrat Party. Communists love to control the media and spew their propaganda.

  18. Who to believe, have read no serious injury, simple assault arrest of the jerk . Now you say he has broken ribs etc. Getting so you can’t believe anything in print or on the web.

  19. Twice in the course of several months the same U.S. Senator is in the cross hairs of a politically motivated deadly attack? (But the target is a Republican)
    If ever, EVER – EVEN ONE TIME, EVER, a Trump supporter got a stone’s throw away from a leading Democratic Party or left-wing ideologue leader with an apparently violent gesture of possible attack, you know – YOU KNOW – the left-wing press would be harping on it daily for more than a month.
    (I believe that Left-wing ideologues have most of the power in both of the major political party leadership apparatus level and each of these operatives deserves death.

  20. Two attempts on Rands life within 4 months!!!! Open your eyes guys, the marxists dont care about rule of law or having rational debate, if they dont get what they want they will simply seize it by force. Prepare yourself accordingly.

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