Rand Paul Hits Back Against Media After Misleading Canada Surgery Reports


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has hit back against a flurry of misleading reports in the liberal media which suggested that he was a hypocrite for seeking medical treatment in a clinic based in Canada, which has a system of socialized universal health care, despite being an opponent of introducing such a system in the United States.

“Funny thing is people who have an agenda tried to attack me, said, ‘Oh you’re going to use socialized medicine,’” he told WAVE 3 News. “I’m actually choosing capitalistic medicine because they only take cash from foreigners.”

As Paul correctly notes, Canada’s socialized medicine is only open to Canadian nationals, and he is thus only seeking private treatment. Paul said that he chose this specific clinic because it is “world renowned” in that specific type of surgery, accepts cash-paying American patients and offers treatment at a “reasonable price”, giving the reporter a lesson on the benefits of markets in health care.

“Their price is about one half to one third of what your insurance would pay, so in some ways, insurance overpays for things in our country,” he added. “But since this takes primarily cash from foreigners, and from people who don’t have insurance, the prices have actually been bid down.” 

Ironically, the only reason Paul needs treatment is due to the left. An extreme supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Renee Boucher, brutally attacked Paul last year in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Boucher was later sentenced to a mere 30 days in prison. Paul’s injuries left him with a hernia that now requires him to travel to Canada to treat.
“I’ve had a tough year. I’ve been through a lot of physical problems. I had six ribs broken, three of them displaced, rubbing on each other for months,” he said. “I went through horrendous pain, I had pneumonia twice, I had fluid buildup around my lungs, and now I’ve got other problems I have to deal with.”
“So it’s been a hard year, all because of the violence of somebody, and the one thing is, I think we should send a message to people that we shouldn’t tolerate this kind of violence, and that there has to be a punishment.”

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