Rand Paul: Subpoenaed Emails To Expose Lobbyists Using Hunter Biden For Government Access


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has suggested that subpoenaed emails will expose lobbyists exploiting Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, for access to the federal government, during an interview with The Charlie Kirk Show released on Thursday.

“There is evidence that they, in all likelihood have email exchanges, saying, hey, let’s use Hunter Biden to get access to the State Department,” Paul told the host, Turning Point USA chief Charlie Kirk.

“It’s gonna look very, very damning to find out that not only was this young man with no experience recently kicked out of the military, really had no experience in international finance or international companies or oil and gas, making 600 grand and maybe a million dollars a year. And it turns out they were trading on his influence and the only real reason he was hired—everybody knows this and he even admitted it—was because his last name was Biden.”

On Wednesday, Paul and other Republican Senators voted to subpoena emails from Blue Star Strategies, the lobbying operation representing Burisma Holdings, the controversial Ukrainian energy giant which featured Hunter Biden on its board during the peak of the 2014 dispute between Ukraine and Russia.

Paul has played a leading role in the effort to expose the corruption of the Biden family. He previously revealed Joe Biden’s involvement in requesting the unmasking of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn when reviewing classified intelligence.

Prior to that, Paul unsuccessfully advocated for having Hunter Biden testify as a witness during the 2019 impeachment of President Donald Trump. Despite his efforts, Republican Senate leadership decided not to call upon Hunter to testify.

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