Kentucky Sens. Mitch McConnell, left, and Rand Paul speak with reporters following their appearance at the 50th annual Kentucky Country Ham Breakfast, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013 at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Paul, Trump in close coordination on health care, McConnell displeased

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and President Donald Trump have lately emerged as close political allies, and continue to be involved in discussions pertaining to the Obamacare repeal legislation, much to the chagrin of Republican establishment figures both within the Senate and the White House, according to a Friday report by Burgess Everett and Josh Dawsey in Politico.

The article states that several White House officials and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have “long since given up on” winning over Sen. Paul’s vote for the repeal effort, with McConnell describing Paul as a “lost cause”. Despite this, Trump is continuing to push adamantly for Paul’s stamp of approval due to their close personal relationship. According to an aide close to Paul, Trump would like the ultimate bill to “move a little more to Rand Paul’s views.”

Some McConnell allies involved with the healthcare push have been critical of Trump’s outreach, stating that Paul “doesn’t like to vote yes” and accusing him of “trying to blow [the bill] up”. However, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) defended Paul’s efforts to change the bill, describing it as “very principled” and “absolutely” constructive.

Trump’s Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, Paul Teller, himself a conservative firebrand, has informed fiscally conservative organizations on the President’s behalf that Trump would be willing to sign a bill that fully repeals Obamacare without any replacement, a proposal often floated by Sen. Paul. Marc Short, the White House’s Director of Legislative Affairs also echoed Paul’s statement that Republican Senators had frequently voted for full Obamacare repeals in past years.



  1. Paul will vote for the REPEAL effort. He’s not going to vote for a facade, tinkering, or otherwise pretending to do something about this monstrosity. Let Paul (Lee, and Cruz) vote for the Repeal, let Democrats vote for the replace.

  2. I’m confused about Rand’s plan described by this Libertarian site. Have not read it though. He wants a 2 part healthcare deal? First to repeal ACA then second build yet another socialized healthcare with Trump and Dems? Both big government spenders?

    • Judy Young OK, that we know so why the 2 part plan? Almost identical to Cruz’s from 2013. He also knows a full repeal will never happen. Trump said he’d repeal ACA on first day in office. Here it is 7mos. later and nothing. Trump also said he wants everyone covered and the government will pay for it. Congress can’t agree on anything. What makes anyone believe that repeal and replacement Trump’s version of socialized healthcare won’t happen? Reading the article Rand wants Trump and the Dems to develop ACA part II.

    • Rand is just trying to get the ACA repealed. He sponsored a clean repeal bill. Right now that is a non-starter. This is his attempt to get it passed. If and when it does the fight is not over. We go into high gear to kill any socialist replacement the swamp comes up with. Theoretically, Rand, Lee and Cruz could filibuster if necessary.

      It is a long shot but about the only one we have. The other options are either SwampCare passes = ACA remains OR SwampCare doesn’t pass and ACA remains. Either way, the economy collapses possibly taking the regime down with it.

    • Joe Eldred In 2015 every damn Senator and Congressmen passed Cruz’s repeal bill which is same as Rand’s. Only reason is because they knew Obama would veto it. Now they won’t because RINOs and Trump want another socialist program.

    • Vicki Phipps A 2 part plan is the most logical way to first repeal. Then the 2nd part, an ACA that eliminates the high costs, confusion of health care before Obamacare. Paul is trying to process how to do this. He is a Dr. and has some good ideas. Trump doesn’t control Congress. So what he promised during the campaign has not happened because Congressional and Senate leadership want to keep Obamacare, keep the insurance lobby happy and receive their campaign donations. This is a big mess to unravel. And Trump can’t do it alone. He signs bills. He doesn’t write them as executive.

    • Judy Young that was the take away I got from my last visit to his site..GOVERNMENT RAN ANYTHING is bad.. Medicare is sourced to insurance companies.. and even at that, too many gov fingers in that pie..

    • Henry Adams we need to expand clinic systems nation wide.. instead of money to care givers, hire nurse practicioners OR medical school grads who need to intern to get lic.. allow them as a state group to work under a group of lic.. physicians via special internet connections..
      even in the boonies, a clinic can offer help for folks who might have real problems..
      try to rehab the system and put most of big pharma in the bankruptcy courts if all they can do is price things out of reach.. NO more gov subsidies to their THIEVES…

    • Henry Adams I understand Trump can’t do it alone but he told us several times HE will take care of everyone and government will pay for it. He’s in with the RINOs not Paul.

    • Vicki Phipps Did you really believe that at the time? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. Expecting the govt. “to take care of everyone” is an absurdity.

    • I did not believe President Trump when he said ACA would be repealed Day one. At the same time, I have not qualms about reminding people that he said healthcare was easy. He was the guy who was going to come in, shake things up and get things done. Now apparently he is powerless against the Establishment.

    • Henry Adams Of course not. My point is Trump is a RINO, wants single-payer/universal healthcare. Actually, he’s a progressive, big government/spending conman and I don’t believe anything in this article.

  3. I happen to think this article is a bunch of BS. Has a lot of opinions and quotes of opinions, says that Trump and rand Paul are best buddies. I’m sure they admire and respect each other but this is just a BS article designed to stir up and piss off and splinter the right

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