Recent Dossier Revelations Show Democrats To Be Hypocrites On Foreign Influence

The narrative has been fairly consistent since businessman Donald Trump was elected to the White House. At best, he was boosted by a foreign government and his inner associates may have sought the help of the Russians. At worst, the President himself could be compromised. These are very real concerns Democrats have had for months.

News such as Donald Trump Jr. meeting with Russian officials to gain dirt on Hillary Clinton provoked national outrage. The mainstream media lost its mind as prominent Democratic politicians and progressive activists all sounded the alarm.

Regardless of whether Trump Jr’s move was right or wrong, things have since turned on Democrats.

First, it has recently been revealed that the Obama Administration approved uranium deals for Russia even as the Federal Bureau of Investigation looked into various transactions. The State Department, then led by Hillary Clinton, gave the green light to deals selling off U.S. uranium interests.

While there have long been allegations at the Trump Administration that the President’s inner circle or even the President himself have been compromised, the allegations against Democrats appear more credible. While a special investigation is ongoing into President Trump’s dealings with Russia, two powerful House committees have launched a joint investigation into the Obama Administration’s uranium deals.

But somehow President Trump is wrong, while Democrats believe they are without fault?

The incredible hypocrisy grew even more recently as shocking revelations that the controversial dossier with shocking allegations about Trump that surfaced around election time last year was funded by the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The American left essentially hired a foreign agent to create a document trashing their political opponent. How’s that for foreign influence on our elections?

The response has been both predictable and hypocritical. Democrats have described Republican outrage over one of their own being tangled with foreign fraud as being a distraction. Their official narrative implies their own side of the partisan aisle can do no wrong.

Hypocrisy is a bipartisan trait in Washington D.C., but here it is very strong amongst Democrats. They will push unfounded conspiracy theories about foreign coordination against political opponents, but are unwilling to accept actual evidence of wrongdoing by their own party.

This is also on display with the Uranium One sale. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, cleared handing over control of a chunk of the U.S. uranium supply to the Russians. Coincidentally, the Russian nuclear industry was funneling significant amounts of cash to former President Bill Clinton. The appearance here alone is suspicious and should be investigated to ensure there was no improper dealings. Of course, Democrats also call this a distraction.

The dossier issue and Uranium One sale both may be distracting the public from the Democrats’ own ridiculous conspiracies and baseless fears. Many Republicans have called out President Donald Trump for various issues, despite him being one of their own. Why do Democrats lack the same courage to call out wrongdoing on their own side of the aisle? Where’s the integrity, Democrats?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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