Regardless of the Outcome, Political Carnage is Guaranteed After the Election

We are only a few weeks away from the election. Although everyone and their mother say (as always) that this is the most important election of our lifetime, I’m not all that concerned about the outcome. Although Trump would likely be much less horrific President than Hillary, federal-level politics are screwed regardless of the outcome of this preposterous little popularity contest.

All I care about is the show, and that the spectacle from the circus is causing serious damage to the political system at large. During this particular cycle, I have not been disappointed. “The Donald” has kicked the madness up several notches. The amount of toxicity within the political system has to be at an all-time high, and libertarians should be delighted with these developments.

We are witnessing the great unraveling take place right before our very eyes. Although Rand Paul and Ted Cruz failed in their Presidential runs this year and that disappointed many dedicated liberty activists, what has resulted is a delightful silver lining that few could have imagined. Because of Trump’s rise, nobody can defend the legitimacy of the political system with a straight face anymore. A severe amount of damage has been done to the credibility of “our” democratic institutions, as Trump’s nonsense has exposed the entire dog-and-pony-show for the farce that it is and always was.

This is a dream scenario for any libertarian who has kept their marbles within a political system gone screwy. All of the Rockefeller Republicans who had to throw Trump under the bus to protect their crony deals are on the outs. All of the moralistic, theocratic, shyster, Glenn Beck types are finished, with Trump being the final death blow to their already waning power and influence. Flaky, myopic libertarians who self-marginalized themselves by supporting a Gary Johnson campaign that is seemingly trying to embarrass the cause at every turn with bizarre and comical antics are invited to stay on the margins where they belong, away from anything even remotely relevant, accomplishing absolutely nothing of merit.

Win or lose, the outcomes won’t differ a whole lot. In a Trump-led GOP, these types of folks would be persona non grata. If Trump wins, they would be forced to join with the Democrats either officially or tacitly, as their globalist Neocon perspectives would not align with Trump’s “America first” agenda. If Trump loses, these interests can easily be demonized and run from mainstream politics on a rail because they gave the Presidency to Crooked Hillary on a silver platter. Chaos is inevitable, and libertarians can position themselves to benefit from it all.

In the upcoming realignment of the GOP, there are going to be winners and losers. This is uncharted terrain for everyone but it can ultimately favor us. Remember that as libertarians, we benefit from fissures within the status quo. Because of Trump’s work, cracks in the establishment Republican facade have become gaping holes. In the mad scramble of the political class to stop Trump, hundreds of RINOs have been forced to show their true colors. Because they had to orchestrate a movement out of sheer desperation to push Hillary to power, that gives us a billion dollars worth of ammunition to end their political futures. We cannot throw this massive advantage away because of hurt feelings.

Wise libertarians should start picking their “Member Berries” right now. In fact, some intrepid Trump fanatics have already started the work. While you are at it, shine up your best pitchfork as well. Make sure the edges are very spiky and pointy. Get plenty of lighter fluid for your torch. We have been given an opportunity of a lifetime here because of Trump’s antics. The mandate for a house-cleaning has never been more clear, and libertarians must find their bearings to execute the task that is at hand. It may be the only way to regain the momentum that has been lost in the past couple of years.

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