Reindeer Farmer Turned Congressman Hopes To Regain Lost House Seat In 2018

When reindeer farmer and Santa impersonator Kerry Bentivolio became a U.S. House Rep in 2012, he had lady luck and lady liberty firmly by his side. He gained his seat in large part because incumbent Thaddeus McCotter had an unprecedented ballot snafu ruining his political career. After being ousted by a seedy establishment challenger after only a single term in office, Bentivolio now has a great shot to win back his House seat in the 11th Congressional District of Michigan next year.

“I am the only one with a proven track record of draining the swamp, cutting government waste and abuse. I know the ropes and I know how to get things done,” Bentivolio said to The Liberty Conservative. “I have experience on that battlefield too and will hit the ground running because I know the pitfalls and where the landmines are located.”

Bentivolio lost a primary challenge in 2014 to Rep. Dave Trott (R-MI), a man nicknamed the Foreclosure King because of the money he made throwing families from their homes during the economic crisis of 2008. Trott’s money advantage and dirty tricks behind the scenes were too much for Bentivolio to overcome, but after Trott recently announced his retirement, Bentivolio has a golden opportunity to regain the seat that he believes he never should have lost in the first place.

“I have a proven record of accomplishment. There is no comparison. I’ve been there and done it. I was an honest constitutionally based representative of the people,” Bentivolio said. When he was in office, Bentivolio received a 91 percent favorable ranking on the Club for Growth scorecard for his fidelity to conservative values as a legislator.

Trott’s retirement announcement came late, and was completely unexpected. It is apart of the trend of a self-draining swamp, with establishment stalwarts such as Trott and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) falling on the sword and retiring before the chaos and calamity of the 2018 mid-term elections. With over a dozen candidates expected to compete for the wide-open seat, the vote being split many ways during a fierce GOP primary could help Bentivolio’s chances a great deal.

“I know what needs to get done and after surveying the field I believe I am the candidate best suited to do it. I’m in it to win it! I will take no prisoners and will never surrender. When the dust settles it will be Team Bentivolio. I stand on my record in comparison,” Bentivolio said.

Lena Epstein, former oil company CEO and prominent Trump backer, and former Michigan State Rep Rocky Raczkowski have officially announced their candidacies for the 11th District House seat with many more announcements expected to follow in the days to come.


  1. Great article. I object to the description of Dave Trott as “a man nicknamed the Foreclosure King because of the money he made throwing families from their homes during the economic crisis of 2008” – Why should he be thought less of because he chose to engage and invest in the foreclosure process? How about we apportion some blame to the people that overborrowed and the tricksters at the Federal Reserve?

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