Rep. Massie: 9th Amendment Is Most Important Part Of Constitution

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Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) expressed his belief that the most important part of the United States Constitution is the Ninth Amendment during an interview with  One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler on Thursday.

“The Ninth Amendment is the most important amendment, or even part of our Constitution,” Massie said. “It basically said that just because they’ve listed some of your rights, in the Bill of Rights doesn’t mean that you don’t have other rights. In fact, all of the other rights that aren’t listed are yours as well.”

He cited contact tracing, a policy being promoted by the President’s Infectious Diseases adviser Anthony Fauci, as an example of something that would violate the Ninth Amendment.

“With all of the talk of contact tracing, for example, I suspect somebody is going to want to have a federal program to do that,” he said. “There’s no authority in the Constitution that grants the government that ability.”

Many of the ongoing authoritarian policies have been implemented by state governments. Massie express skepticism that the Department of Justice could be of assistance in pressuring Democrat-run states with overbearing lockdown measures.

“The DOJ can take leadership in this, although I’m afraid that the leadership they’re going to exert is going to be in the other direction,” Massie said. “I mean, we’re here in Congress this week to reauthorize FISA and spying programs, and I don’t see the DOJ pushing back on that. It’s really up to elected representatives, I think,  to push back on this.”

Massie has been an ardent voice against mass surveillance, whether it is being justified on national security or public health grounds. As a libertarian, he believes such policies pose a threat to the freedoms of Americans.

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