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Rep. Steve King Threatens Trump with Lawsuit Over Amnesty Flip-Flop

President Trump is wavering on many key campaign promises, including his call to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that permits illegal immigrants who have been in America since they were children to stay in the country without prosecution. This is not acceptable for Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who says that a lawsuit may be in order if Trump refuses to enforce immigration laws.

“Is [Trump] going to force us to go back to court again?” King asked in an interview with the Daily Caller. King went on to say, “It is impossible to return the respect of the rule of law in regards with immigration.”

King is dismayed with Trump’s reversal on DACA, and his anguish is shared by grassroots Trump supporters around the country. Trump’s lack of results on the immigration issue and reports of turmoil inside the White House have given his supporters cause for alarm. King is allied closely with Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist, who is seemingly in Trump’s dog house as the administration shifts left-ward.

“Steve Bannon is the lynchpin to your energized base. Conservatives are an endangered species in your White House,” King said in an Apr. 9 tweet aimed at the President.

The perspective of nationalists like Bannon and King seem to be falling on deaf ears in the Trump White House as principled conservatives and libertarians are being completely vilified. Trump’s brief yet intense war with the House Freedom Caucus does not look like an aberration, but rather a tell-tale sign of his governing style moving forward.

President Trump must ultimately decide whether he is intent on pushing for an “America First” agenda to satisfy his constituents or if he wants to kowtow to the Washington D.C. elites that he railed about on the campaign trail. If Trump continues to jettison campaign promises, expect lawsuits and other means of resistance from grassroots Republicans.


  1. I think that the writer meant that illegals want to stay here “without legal consequence,” but said “without persecution” instead, probably by LibTarded design.

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