By Gage Skidmore

Rep. Thomas Massie is ‘Excited’ About Trump’s Presidency, Sees ‘Great Opportunity’ Moving Forward

It has been a tumultuous start to Trump’s Presidency as the inexperienced outsider adjusts to life in Washington DC, but Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is impressed with what he has seen thus far. Massie thinks the 45th President is off to a great start mainly because of his choice of rule-of-law Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

“I’m excited for the wins that we got already, which includes Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch being confirmed and that’s going to last for decades,” Massie said to Breitbart News. “Neil Gorsuch was worth the entire election, everything else is a bonus.” Massie is also encouraged by the prospect of rolling back regulations during the Trump presidency using the Congressional Review Act.

Massie said, “I lost track of how many we’ve done, and it was only used once successfully before Trump. and that was an OSHA rule with President George W. Bush that Bush was able to rescind a rule created during the Clinton era. I’m excited about all of those and more. but I’m particularly excited about the Social Security gun ban.”

Massie went on to express optimism about Trump’s controversial infrastructure plan, describing it as “vital to our country,” and praised Trump’s pick of the Freedom Caucus’ Scott Garrett to run the Export-Import Bank. 

He also praised Trump on Twitter, stating that he gives Trump “credit” for having killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Although it is obvious that Massie is a big fan of the President, he has been at odds with Trump on certain of his policy proposals–most notably on health care. Massie sided with the House Freedom Caucus against the President against his American Health Care Act (AHCA), resulting in Trump issuing public threats against dissenters several weeks back.

The situation has cooled down since then with the House Freedom Caucus seemingly coming around on a health care compromise, but the always iconoclastic Massie is not going along with the plan. Reporter Mary Ellen McIntire tweeted today that the new version of the AHCA was only good enough for Massie to change his stance from “Hell No” back to “No.” He isn’t expected to vote affirmatively on any health care reform unless it is a full Obamacare repeal.


  1. No fucking way…

    Trump is not doing a damn thing to cut spending.
    Trump is anti trade.
    Trump isn’t talking about serious deregulation.
    Trump’s cabinet is pro NSA & DEA expansion.
    Trump is doing a 180 on Syria and WORSE on Korea over Clinton.
    Trump is planning a mass stimulus bill.

    We need a draft effort in 2020 towards someone who will be firm of ending the drug war, deregulation, cutting spending and cutting defense.

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