Republican Liberty Caucus Vice Chair Betrays His Own Cause, Pushes Gun-Grabbing Warmonger

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It was a very humiliating spectacle this past weekend at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando, FL. And I’m not referring to the now infamous streaker who gained national headlines. Sadly, the shame brought on by the nude anarchist paled in comparison to the wretched ticket that Libertarian Party members had the audacity to put up for the Presidency.

In fact, it could be argued that the slovenly naked man was acting valiantly as a whistleblower effectively exposing the party to the world as a colossal disgrace with his lascivious antics. What was really so disgraceful is the Libertarian Party, for the third straight time, selected a ticket dominated by GOP leftovers and wash-outs. They put up former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson who has charisma and pizazz that rivals watching paint dry. He also is very shaky on private property rights, religious liberty, foreign policy, and other meat-and-potatoes liberty issues. However, Johnson is an understandable albeit underwhelming candidate on his own merits considering his profile and experience. When paired up with his running-mate of choice former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld though, it becomes an unforgivable betrayal of epic proportions.

Bill Weld might as well be Mitt Romney 2.0. As governor, he endorsed comprehensive gun control measures that make Hillary Clinton look like a moderate. He was a vocal proponent of the Iraq War, and signed a Neocon-authored letter in support of the Patriot Act in 2005. He supported Obama for President in 2008, Romney for President in 2012, and John Kasich for President in 2016. The only way he can be vaguely described as a libertarian is due to his social liberalism, which fits into Gary Johnson’s wishy-washy principle-free definition of libertarianism as ‘fiscally conservative and socially liberal.’ He had only been in a party member for less than two weeks before he was nominated, and he was given the VP spot in what was pretty much an open, desperate plea to fill campaign coffers.

The confused and desperate LPers thought that putting up two old white has-beens who are just like the politicians that have turned millions off from the Republican Party and Democrat Party was a real winning idea. It is incomprehensible, but what else would you expect from these bozos? The LP has never been anything but a joke for a reason, and it isn’t the radicals in the party who are the problem. It is the spineless sell-outs who gave us Johnson/Weld that are the problem.

It has never been a better time to look at what we have in the Republican Party in the burgeoning liberty wing of the GOP and be thankful. Although we have lost some momentum in lieu of Trumpmania, we are still well-positioned to actually get liberty-minded people elected, especially at the state and local levels of government. And after this weekend’s debacle, it can no longer be argued that the Libertarian Party is ‘more libertarian’ than the liberty wing of the GOP. Because there isn’t one Tea Party or Campaign for Liberty group in the country that would champion someone with as atrocious of a record as Bill Weld.

However, there are foolish actors out there trying to shoot all of the progress that liberty conservatives have made in the foot. Because they are so fickle, impatient and strategically daft, they huff and they puff and they take their ball and go home when they don’t immediately get their way. Instead of looking at Ron Paul’s heroic example of working in obscurity for 30 years through mostly bad times in order to get the message of liberty out to the masses, they roll over and quit at the first sign of discord. This is a problem we will likely always have to mitigate among our ranks, but it is something that we must not tolerate from our so-called leaders.

dave nalle

Dave Nalle is the Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He is pictured to the left of the notorious Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld. This is not a mere photo op. This is just one of many examples out of a series of troubling behavior in which a national ranking member of a Republican organization has gone out of their way to promote another Party’s ticket, and denigrate the hard work of the liberty Republicans he is supposed to represent while doing so.

Here is Nalle taunting a staunch liberty Republican who was expressing his displeasure with the lousy Libertarian Party ticket. My response to his arrogant, haughty comment is included:


From that comment, you would think that he was a Libertarian Party official, not an official of a Republican member organization. Notice how he refers to the Libertarian Party as ‘We.’ He taunts a man who he should be actively courting to join the RLC and build the liberty wing of the Party, while he rubs elbows with gun-grabbing warmongers.


Do these sound like the musings of a man who is concerned with the responsibility of building the liberty wing of the GOP, or is this a man who has already thrown in the towel on the cause he is supposed to represent?

On a personal level, I have caught Nalle defend judicial tyranny many times in Facebook groups. He is the kind of ‘libertarian’ who loves the idea of state thugs holding a gun to your head and forcing you to bake a cake in the name of ‘equality.’ I have seen him deride anyone who talks about the Council on Foreign Relations as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ while touting an Obama-supporting globalist who was a CFR member for years. Is this the kind of guy we need representing the liberty movement? A pretentious flake whose ineptitude embarrasses the liberty movement at every turn? Who, when the going gets tough, is the first to surrender? Maybe we should bring the gyrating, bareboned anarchist in to serve on the RLC board next. It seems like he couldn’t do a worse job than Nalle.

When you represent a Republican liberty organization and you turn your back on the organization and the cause the first chance you get, that is a slap in the face to every paying member. Everyone I know in the Michigan chapter of the RLC would be appalled if we endorsed a gun grabber. They would denounce our organization, and feel personally betrayed by the organization’s leaders. Of course, in Michigan, we would never even fathom of doing such a thing because we understand the importance of consistently supporting the cause of liberty. It is something we hold dear, and it is of the utmost importance to us. It is very disturbing that the same standards are not held by RLC National.

I call for the Republican Liberty Caucus to immediately begin the process to remove Dave Nalle, and any officials who have similarly disgraced the organization and the cause. By associating with a turd of a political party like the LP, Nalle is proving all of our critics to be correct. He is demonstrating with his disreputable behavior that we are nothing more than a bunch of flakes who don’t have any real allegiance to the GOP, that we will run off to support liberals at a moment’s notice, that we cannot be trusted as consistent allies. It is the wrong message to send, and completely intolerable from leadership in the GOP liberty movement.

It’s time to start getting serious about policing our ranks, and that begins with the expulsion of Dave Nalle from the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Shane Trejo is the Media Relations Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan. He has been a libertarian activist for 10 years.

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