“Resign Now!”: Roger Stone Slams Steve Bannon for Incompetence, Lack of Fashion Sense

Trump’s long-time confidant, Roger Stone is not happy with what is going on in his great friend’s administration. A self-described libertarian, Stone is angry that the Trump administration is swaying from its “America First” mandate. He has isolated a peculiar target for his ire: White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Bannon is seen as the primary voice for nationalism within the Trump administration, but his work has not pleased Stone. Stone went on a Twitter rampage against the publisher turned political oracle last week criticizing his organizational ability, his lack of competency, his poor dressing ability, and claiming he is apart of the problem for his inability to keep Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner at bay.

@StevenKBannon Resign Now! You refuse to confront @jaredkushner – u (sic) are part of the problem not part of the solution,” Stone said in a May 5 Tweet.

Stone followed it up by saying, “@BreitbartNews perhaps if poorly dressed @StevenKBannon got off his dead, disorganized incompetent ass.”

Stone’s harsh words toward Bannon have added fuel to the fire that trouble is brewing throughout the Trump administration. Although the administration downplays any discord, tensions are bubbling to the surface, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain the image that everything is hunky dory inside the White House.

After a difference of opinion between Kushner and Bannon developed into a full-blown rift, Trump warned both men to straighten it out. However, it appears that Trump ultimately sided with Kushner in the dispute after he made public comments downplaying Bannon’s influence. Bannon has been able to hang on to his role as chief strategist although the tide seems to be turning in Kushner’s favor substantially.

The mainstream media is hailing Kushner’s influence in the White House, as “America First” policy proposals are jettisoned regularly. Kushner represents the Goldman Sachs wing of the White House along with chief economic advisor Gary Cohn and others with deep ties to global finance. Stone represents the populist rabble-rouser wing of the Trump movement, partnering directly with conspiracy-minded libertarian Alex Jones in recent years.

Bannon was once believed to be the champion of individuals like Stone, Jones and other nationalistic and liberty-minded interests out there, but it is clear that he is either uninterested or incapable of keeping the Trump White House from straying. The promise of American revival during the Trump era has all but faded, and there is plenty of blame to go around–at least from Stone’s perspective.


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