The Right To Kill Your Equal


We all enter the world through a woman and (spoiler alert) everyone dies.

Regardless of how you exit this world (natural causes or freak accident), no human being is immortal. We’re all here today and gone tomorrow.

Aside from various man-created hierarchies, are there any universal categories to determine who’s greatest among us? Is someone’s significance based on:

• What family they’re from?
• Their level of attractiveness?
• What their occupation is?
• How financially stable they are?

All these categories are based on one person’s opinion over another’s. Humans are notorious for judging one another based on this set of criteria.

Yet, they’re all shallow reasons and, in the end, everyone’s time runs out.

How are Value and Worth Determined for Human Beings?

Considering how fragile life is, it’s comical how individuals define the value of another fellow human being on genetics alone.

If everyone comes into the world through a woman, and eventually dies, how can one claim to be superior over another? No one is immortal. Our life expectancy is around 80–100 years and then we pass away. Therefore, the only way anyone can claim dominance over another is through complete ignorance.

Like members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Each member of the white supremacy group arrived into the world through a woman and eventually will die, exactly like the very people they hate. Therefore, only through ignorance handed down from generation to generation would any KKK member actually believe they’re superior.

Adolf Hitler believed the Aryan race was superior to any other race. Yet, both the 1936 Olympics and World War II proved the Aryan race was not, in fact, superior.

It poses the question, “How could white supremacy groups and Nazis believe their lives were more valuable than those they oppressed?”

What Technology Can’t Confirm

With the latest advancements in medical technology, medical professionals are able to see a child inside the womb. Technology can identify many physical traits of a child before they’re born.

Yet, what technology cannot identify is the value and worth of a child.

Currently, no machine exists which can identify a child’s potential to be a benefit or burden on society.

Therefore, how can anyone justify killing an unborn child when the biological mother and father both came into the world the same way and will eventually die like every other human being? They’re just as equal as the child in the womb.

Studies confirm the majority of abortions are pursued by single moms who prefer a future without the inconvenience of a child, which begs the question, ‘What’s so important in a woman’s life that she would elect to end an unborn child’s life?’

What’s in store for the mother’s future which requires all distractions be eliminated? Will her plans have a long term effect on society – even after she passes away? Is she working on a cure for cancer? Will she be able to figure out how to repair the ozone layer? Or, is her decision to rid herself of the burden of a child self-serving?

And, reality check, even if those scenarios were actually the case, guess what, she can have the child and still pursue her passion.

What pro-choice supporters refer to as “justifications” are actually lame excuses to manipulate themselves into believing they’re doing some type of justice for the world, especially the greatest lie, “I just couldn’t bring a child into this messed up world because I wanted to save it from potential suffering.”

Can Value Be Determined Inside Woman’s Womb?

In order to determine if a life will be a benefit or a burden on society, some type of special characteristic or trait would need to be identified early on while a child was still in the womb, perhaps through an advanced ultrasound.

Ultrasounds which could pick certain character traits in determining the child’s overall benefit or threat.

At the present time, ultrasounds only determine we’re all the same, that we’re all, in fact, equal.

Therefore, to have an unborn fetus killed is to pretend you have the right to know they’ll be more of a burden on your life, and the false truth that your life is more important than theirs.

As Americans, we’re granted the right to life, not the right for a convenient life. Our life is determined by the choices we make.

Who Should Die?

Those who murder don’t respect life. Therefore, they’re not worthy to keep theirs.

Murderers choose to kill for their own personal reasons. They’re people who kill their genetic equals. If someone cannot respect the life of their genetic equal (i.e., serial killers) then it’s justified to have that person executed. Why? They’re a threat to others.

Yet, not only is it OK to kill our equals, U.S. lawmakers and many citizens consider it to be a noble act.

It is ironic that current U.S. laws lock up or execute killers because they’re a threat to our society while simultaneously providing women the legal right to kill their equals without repercussions.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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