If only the rights of everyday Americans mattered as much as Hillary Clinton’s


If there’s one thing that Hillary Clinton allies and supporters established last year, it’s that she was the victim of the year. Nobody in the world has been more targeted and more oppressed than her. Conservative opponents are relentlessly trying to stop a former Secretary of State who before that was a United States Senator and First Lady. To these individuals, her record speaks for itself. She’s established her record.

Clinton is above us all. It is for this reason the rules do not apply to her.

Chelsea Manning is sitting in prison after releasing classified information to whistleblower website Wikileaks. Before her trial, she was subject to harsh treatment that some have described as torture. The former Army Private First Class did not do this out of reckless negligence or severe incompetence. She did not do it out of spite towards the military or government, nor did she do it to harm the nation.

Manning leaked the information to expose wrongdoing. For that, she suffers and pays.

Edward Snowden is sitting in Russia right now in exile from his own country for releasing countless documents and divulging information relating to the United States government’s massive surveillance state operation. The result was the education of the American people into cyber danger and importance of digital security.

These leaks were not out of spite or malice. Snowden was not trying to commit treason against his country or help another nation gain an edge. He was exposing abuses of power against the American people.

Snowden had his passport revoked en route to a country granting him asylum and was left stranded in Russia after the United States government tried pressuring Hong Kong into giving him up.

But Hillary Clinton? She mishandled classified information because of negligence and incompetence. She wasn’t even aware of what the “C” classification on an e-mail stood for, yet she was entrusted with access to all sorts of secretive information.

Is there even a right to suspicion? Absolutely.

But while Clinton allies remain silent on Manning and describe Snowden as a fugitive, they sound the alarm. Clinton was harassed, bullied, targeted, and absolutely mistreated. Now the outrage is centered again on the Federal Bureau of Investigation for getting the e-mail warrant on weak justification and evidence.

Meanwhile, while the elite complains about the apparent violation of Clinton’s rights, rights of Americans are routinely violated by the government.

Not only are the rights of Americans violated everyday, they are violated without justification. There isn’t even an attempt to get a warrant or find weak justification. The government just indiscriminately accesses the personal information of innocent citizens without even consideration of due process.

The kicker? These programs were supported by Hillary Clinton and exposed by Edward Snowden, who Clinton has stated should face prosecution. That’s amazing. Clinton is being targeted because someone got a warrant against her and Snowden is a criminal for showing Americans that they’re being targeted without a warrant at all.

What kind of logic does the political elite believe in?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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