Ron Paul Supporter Elected On Promise To “Rebuild” The GOP He “Helped Destroy”

While the Ron Paul revolution may appear to have waned in recent years, its legacy remains apparent in today’s Trump-dominated Republican Party. A recent example from Clark County, Nevada shows that the Paul revolution still has some life in it, as a full-throated Ron Paul supporter was just elected their GOP chairman.

Carl Bunce, a long-time libertarian activist, narrowly defeated his establishment opponent, Eddie Facey, by a four-vote margin last week. Despite a long history as a rabble-rouser from his start as a fierce Ron Paul supporting partisan, Bunce was able to smooth over rifts in the party. Current state party chairman Michael McDonald held a major fundraiser along with other prominent Nevada Republicans including National Committeewoman Diana Orrock, State Senator Scott Hammond, and Councilwoman Michele Fiore in support of Bunce’s candidacy.

“I know how to rebuild the party because I helped destroy it,” the new Clark County GOP chair said to fellow party members.

Bunce served as the head of the entire Ron Paul campaign in Nevada in 2008 and 2012. Last year, he served as Nevada’s Senior Advisor to Rand Paul’s presidential campaign during his ill-fated Presidential run. His victory shows how the Paul ideas are still being mainstreamed, and are no longer looked at as anathema in the age of Trump.

Of course, keeping his power will be no small task for Bunce. Ron Paul-inspired insurgencies have had success gaining power at different levels of the GOP, but hanging onto it is a totally different story. The establishment always strikes back, and they are just a few votes away from turning the tide yet again in Clark County.

Bunce will need to remain vigilant once in power to keep a unified bloc of voters behind him. It will not be easy. Nevertheless, he will not be afraid to use his power to hold elected officials accountable, and hopes that the public will respond to his brand of decisive, take-no-prisoners leadership.

“Elected officials go off the range because they don’t fear the Republican Party in Clark County, or any other county,” he said. “What they need to begin to do is fear us.”


  1. I’m ELATED to see somebody other then a POS rino as the head of the GOP here. Hopefully he won’t let the demon-0rat lite rinos co-opt him!

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