Is Russia the Real Enemy of the American People?

Why the demonization of Putin by Glenn Beck and other western media?  First off, let me just say that I enjoy watching many programs on the Blaze, but on Russia, Glenn is listening to the wrong people.   Glenn Beck has recently put out a one sided three part series ominously called, “The Red Storm” which caricatures Russia as an end times force of the “anti-christ” focused on destroying the west.  While the background history on the split between the Orthodox east and Catholic west was well done, the modern analysis falls apart and is easily refuted with just a cursory review of online sources.  Thank God for the internet and the ability to sift through the spin.  So why are western media  trying to turn Russia into the next Bogeyman?

Recall that the vassal western media portrayed everything the buffoon Boris Yeltsin did as a move away from communism and towards democracy, but everything Putin has done is “bad and sinister”.  Glenn follows in this vein with his series and seems to have a problem with a Putin who does not cave in to US foreign policy hegemony.   Russia has also been returning to more traditional Christian values and supporting oppressed Middle-Eastern Christians, but oddly this seems to bother Beck.   Putins’ refusal to turn Assad and the Christian minority he protects over to Saudi Arabia’s evil ISIS allies in Syria seems to rub Beck and neocons the wrong way.    In a bizarre move, Glenn seems more interested in standing with “GLAAD”(Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) than he is with persecuted Christians in Syria.  Glenn seems confused since he left Fox as to whether or not he still needs to tow the neo-con foreign policy line by keeping his CIA connected Buck Sexton on the program.  The fact is that Russia has been helping the West in its common fight against Islamic terrorism by allowing US access to bases and resources in Russia and has tried to work as a partner economically as well because they have many shared interests.

While I respect Glenn’s search for the truth, he is too accepting of bad research and opinion like that of Ariel Cohen.  Despite the Victoria Nuland leaks and $5 billion in aid the US gave Ukraine prior to the coup, Cohen boldly tried to pedal State Department propaganda denying US involvement in the Ukrainian coup that toppled the duly elected Ukrainian government.  Then there is also the case of McCain supporting the Nazi Ukrainian thugs of Svoboda party so denying direct US involvement is laughable.

Glenn also falls for the false historical narrative that Crimea was “taken” from Ukraine when in fact Russia has more of a longstanding historical claim(conquered in 1783) to the Crimea than the US has on California(1848).  The US State Department and its lap-dog media tried to portray violent, firebombings as “peaceful” protests that should be respected and  which led to the violent coup against the democratically elected Yanukovich.  On the other hand, Russia encouraged a peaceful referendum which revealed over 90% of Crimeans in favor of  integration with the Russian Federation.

Oddly Beck doesn’t seem to like Russia reclaiming its rightful role as the protector of Orthodox Christianity and opposing western cultural decadence.  He fear mongers his audience into believing that Putin is the next Hitler because he is trying to combine nationalism and Christianity when in fact many of Glenn’s own shows have done just that.    Glenn asks his audience to check his facts and the bottom line is that he is just confused and misguided here.  Putin is not a threat to the American people, just a threat to the globalist elite that seek to squeeze out more profits and power from US hegemony.  In fact, Russia is leaving its communist past behind and should be encouraged to continue to work together with America for peace in Europe and the Middle-East and strengthen its Christian culture.  The last thing our media needs to do is warmongering against Russia unless the establishment wants to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that does turn the Russian “Bear” into our enemy in order to distract us from the many domestic enemies of our great republic.

My response to Glenn Beck below:  Click for > Glenn Beck’s rebuttal:

First of all I’d like to personally thank you Glenn Beck, who I admire greatly, for taking time out of your busy schedule to clarify why your show demonized Vladimir Putin.   I also have big respect for your willingness to admit that the Iraq war was a terrible mistake and that America should be more like Switzerland and not so quick to intervene in other countries.  While we may not agree on everything, I was happy to read that you did not concur with our governments’ intervention in the Ukrainian conflict as this kind of  hawkishness is not in keeping with American principles.

As to what constitutes those principles we may need further clarification.   Nationalism is not always a bad thing.  I like to call it patriotism, and  it is a very good thing when it opposes the cultural marxists who are trying to undermine Judeo-Christian values and the nation-state.   As far as I can tell, Russia was being consistent with its principles in allowing Crimea to hold a referendum and peacefully choose to join the Russian Federation.  It is also keeping with its principles in protecting the rights of Russian minorities in the east and their desire for greater autonomy from the fascist regime of Pornoshenko who is the real promoter of chaos.   Sometimes principles and national interest are intertwined.

While you are free to stand up for homosexual rights in Russia, my question is will you also stand up for persecuted Christians in the Middle-East like Putin has?   For opposing Obama’s insane war against Syria’s secular regime, Putin should be applauded.   Had Obama and his Saudi ISIS allies been successful, Christianity in Syria, Iraq and  Lebanon would have been obliterated.

I do hope to hear from you again and find The Blaze a much better alternative to “Faux” news and wish you much success!

Mr. Hannosh is an Army Veteran, Former School Board President, History/Biology Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Former Candidate for Congress in California's 8th district, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul supporter and activist seeking to put Americans first, not the establishment. Mr. Hannosh is married and has a daughter who he hopes will inherit an America that loves peace, liberty and freedom.


  1. Let me be the first to thank you for such a great article explaining what I’ve been trying to tell people. Glenn has gone over the deep end with this whole anti-Russian propaganda that will likely provoke Russia even further. Putin was the only Russian leader that took on all the corruption going on in Russia by going after all the crime families that were running the country after the Iron Curtain fell. He took his country from ruin to prosperity and reached out to the world to try to get rid of the stigma about Russia that people believed when it was the former Soviet Union. He did so even more during the 2012 Olympics, proving he truly has good intentions to create peace and get along in the world. He want’s to be independent of the New World Order being created by the UN, EU, and US. Glenn must be being paid to put out all this propaganda of lies and hate, or he is just that paranoid to actually believe some false narrative of “biblical prophecy” to get his followers to believe it too. He has it in his mind that he is some kind of “prophet” that must “tell the people who the enemy is”. He forgets that Russians are HUMAN BEINGS also, and they have the same feelings, emotions, and ideas we Americans have. He is no better than Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda minister, that used the press to convince millions to HATE the Jews. I listened to many of Putin’s speeches and he has absolutely no intentions of attacking America or hates Americans. In fact, it’s the opposite. He keeps saying how he hopes “his Western friends” can in fact come together and resolves these differences. It’s time Americans start listening to Putin for a change, and they will get to hear how wrong the Western media and Glenn are portraying him.

  2. Good article!! Glad to see someone out there that thinks the way I do. I have always wondered about the blundering idiocy in the govt, and outside, that is still fighting the cold war. (Mitt Romney et al, take note…) Now, as an Army Brat that grew up during the cold war, I know very well just who Vladi is, and where he comes from, and am not surprised at how he has reacted to recent developments. He loves his country first and foremost, and is taking what he sees as correct, the steps needed to defend his country. Instead of creating an enemy out of Russia, we should be doing what we can to ally ourselves with each other. After all, the common enemy of all of western civilization is radical Islam….and in Vladis eye, the creeping decadence in Western Civilization is just as much a threat as Islam, which explains in part his close relations with the Russian Orthodox church.

  3. Thanks Conservative Rebel and NB for sharing your thoughts and support. Russophobia is kicking into high gear and patriots need to avoid this disaster. Putin is looking out for Russia’s interest and our global elite seems eager to go to war as the economy looks to be heading over the cliff in order to avoid dissent here at home. When I was in the army, Reagan lectured the old Soviet Union about being an evil empire and took in asylum seekers from the prison that was the Soviet Union. Today Russia lectures America about its lack of Christian values and accepts brave whistle-blowers like Snowden. Something has gone terribly wrong with America.

  4. Excellent analysis. You have to remember, Glenn Beck is a clever huckster, but a huckster nonetheless. Instead of peddling hair-growth tonic or snake-oil, Beck sells sentimentality, nostalgia, and sappy ecumenism. For an antidote for Glenn Beck I highly recommend reading ‘Elmer Gantry’, or better yet, watch the movie adaptation with Burt Lancaster from 1960. Beck’s own delusions about the ‘White Horse Prophecy’ which he brings up from time to time are quite revealing as to his mental instability.

    I’ll admit, I was once alarmed by Putin, but when I saw what the Oligarchs, not to mention what Democrats like Larry Summer and the Harvard Boys had done to Russia, Putin’s actions were quite appropriate. He’s performed an impressive task pulling Russia from the brink. Now, with the Democrats controlling the White House, you have the pathologically obsessed Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinksi and his acolytes directing US foreign policy all with the intention of damaging Russia. It’s a tragedy of enormous proportions because it needn’t have been.

  5. Beck is the illiterate buffoon who decries our loss of culture and in the same tired monologue insists that sodomy is a loving choice. Sorry bub, you lost any credibility a long time ago. I watched the whole Putin piece and literally said out loud ‘what is wrong with that?’ I’m sorry, but if a society dares to exhibit a spine and declares a transgendered person to be psychologically unstable and therefore forbidden the privilege of a drivers license then I for one am not so brain washed to say what the hell is wrong with that?! But, with the childish sentimentality of Beck he immediately makes the conclusion that gas chambers are right around the corner. He constantly holllars dare to think for yourself. Well, I am. And I challenge the untouchable subject that if each race is must be allowed to thrive, namely the Jewish race in the form of Israel, and the blacks with the incessant victimhood and struggle for civil rights, and the Hispanics pouring across our border in the millions, then why when there is any mention of Caucasian self-preservation, as a race, it automatically is labeled Hate and / or neo-nazi. Think people.

  6. My biggest problem with Putin is he seeks to fill the power vacuum left after the Obama era. He is actively trying to bring back the USSR…my “support”(if you want to call it that) is he recognizes who the enemy is(though I question agreement he made with Iran). PC police be damned he puts his country first.

    Lastly are we kidding ourselves when we say that these conflicts are “illegal”? Mr Beck has for years decried international efforts to establish global governance via the U.N. and E.U.-so much so he was denounced as a conspiracy theorist- yet he has the audacity to unilaterally declare the actions of a sovereign nation illegal? What the hell happened to this man? I can understand denouncing them as acts of war, evil, or immoral, but illegal? There are no rules to war to define them is irrational. Russia is doing what Russia does because those people long for the return of the Old Empire

  7. Only the uninformed give Glenn credibility, He acts more like a controlled opposition stooge to confuse the masses of uninformed people. this guys claims to be politically Libertarian then back stabs the leader of the modern Libertarian movement Ron Paul then sabotages Debra Medina in Texas, this guy is really a closet Neo Con he has to be given his blind support for Israel.

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